ZOZOFIT: A Year in Review

ZOZOFIT: A Year in Review

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It’s been an amazing first year for us here at ZOZOFIT. Even though we experienced a great deal of change and celebrated a number of successes over these last 12 months, it feels like we are only getting started as we celebrate our first anniversary this week.

The ZOZOFIT journey first began when we launched on August 23, 2022 and since then, our community has experienced a significant amount of growth, as we currently have 18.3K total unique users. In this first year, 52K scans have been completed on the ZOZOFIT app and our users have completed an average of 2.7 scans within a 90-day period, demonstrating that ZOZOFIT has firmly established itself as an essential tool for those who are looking for greater insights to their wellness.

In November 2022, we introduced Body Fat Percentage calculations as a brand new feature in the ZOZOFIT app which provides our users with another helpful metric so that they can have even more data available to them as they track their progress during their fitness journeys. This feature provides our community with an even greater understanding of their bodies and helps them make more informed decisions about how they want to approach their personal lifestyle. 

January 2023 was another big month for ZOZOFIT, as we hosted our very first retail experience at The FitExpo LA that month, appearing alongside hundreds of other notable brands and fitness professionals. During the weekend, ZOZOFIT showcased the game-changing 3D body scanning technology behind our app and demonstrated just how our ZOZOSUIT can help everyone, no matter what their goals are, take control of their fitness journeys. 

And speaking of goals, they were a big focus for ZOZOFIT in January as well, as we launched goal-setting capabilities on the app that month. Since then, our users have created 20,597 different goals since we debuted the feature seven months ago, validating ZOZOFIT’s belief that those who are focused on their fitness greatly benefit from having milestones to guide them as they work towards achieving their objectives.

In February 2023, ZOZOFIT celebrated a major moment for our organization as we announced that we had entered a multi-year partnership with University of Southern California Athletics to support their prestigious athletic community through targeted efforts including digital marketing and brand activation during marquee USC Athletics events. ZOZOFIT has also been working closely with several of USC’s athletes over the last several months to track their progress as they use the app to monitor changes throughout their training processes. 

This past Spring, ZOZOFIT also partnered with SPARTAN for six different SPARTAN and DEKAFIT events throughout the U.S. to integrate our innovative technology with SPARTAN’s elite pool of athletes. Through this partnership, both organizations worked in tandem to generate brand awareness through digital marketing efforts and on-site activations with live product demonstration experiences over several months.

ZOZOFIT also participated in an activation during the 2023 South by Southwest Festival (SXSW) in Austin, Texas where we hosted an immersive pop-up at the W Hotel. During the event, ZOZOFIT met with members of the press to discuss our state-of-the-art approach to fitness tracking and festival attendees had the opportunity to experience how the ZOZOSUIT works in conjunction with the ZOZOFIT app. ZOZOFIT also sponsored a street team who interacted with hundreds of festival-goers to help spread awareness about the groundbreaking brand and how it can help improve their lives.

ZOZOFIT continued our efforts to support several other competitive endeavors throughout Southern California as we partnered with the Kaiser Permanente Napa Valley Marathon and Half Marathon for their 2023 event and we also sponsored several participants who were running in the Los Angeles Marathon this past March as well. For ZOZOFIT, being able to immerse ourselves in a variety of sports events provides us with the opportunity to learn more about how our technology can be beneficial to those who are looking to level up their athletic performance.

Image of the ColorMetric feature on the ZOZOFIT app
At ZOZOFIT, we're always working to find new ways to transform the technology behind our app. The ColorMetric feature is an intuitive way to track changes to your body beyond just the numbers alone.

As we headed into the summer season, ZOZOFIT kept busy by finding even more ways to push our technology forward to new heights when we released the ColorMetric feature. ColorMetric was first announced in Forbes on May15th, as the publication lauded ZOZOFIT’s efforts of making body measurement technology more accessible to everyone and highlighted how we have been able to bridge the gap between fitness and technology through both our app and the ZOZOSUIT. 

Earlier in the month, ZOZOFIT’s Vice President of Marketing, Madeleine Kanazawa, also made an appearance on the Cheddar News Network when she introduced reporter Shannon LaNier to the ZOZOSUIT and accompanying ZOZOFIT app technology and they discussed how the 3D body measurement system is revolutionizing the world of fitness. 

During the month of June, ZOZOFIT hosted a brand partnership with Barry’s Bootcamp to support their devoted athletes and we also celebrated the release of updated waist measurement metrics on our app, one of the most highly requested measurement data points from our community members, as we have continuously focused on making every effort to meet the needs of our users. That’s why ZOZOFIT also added neck measurement data to our app in July, as we’d received feedback about how useful that metric would be for fitness enthusiasts, too.

As we look back on everything that ZOZOFIT accomplished throughout our remarkable first year, we are thrilled to see the impact that our technology has had on the fitness community these past 12 months. Now, we are continuing to work hard so that ZOZOFIT can make an even bigger impact in the lives of those who utilize our 3D body measurement system and we are looking forward to revealing some exciting new developments to come in the future. If there’s one takeaway that we’ve had during this first year, it’s that with ZOZOFIT, everyBODY has a story. 

So, what’s yours? 

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