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3D Measurements, Made Easy!
Ditch the scale, lose the tape measure, and step into the ZOZOSUIT. Effortlessly measure your body in minutes paired with the ZOZOFIT app. Embrace 3D body scans to view your body composition and to track your goals - anytime, anywhere.
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Key Features
3D Measurements for 12 Key Locations
Body Fat Percentage Estimate and Tracking
Side-by-Side Comparisons
ColorMetric Graphic to Visualize Transformation
Goal-Setting Feature
Downloadable .OBJ Files
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App Screenshot
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Key Values

Through our innovative 3D scanning technology, ZOZOFIT provides you with unparalleled access to valuable data and tools, giving you more control over your health and wellness.

Accuracy Comparable to Laser Scanning

No more visits to high-priced facilities to receive 3D body scans. ZOZOFIT puts cutting-edge scanning technology right in the palm of your hands.

Laser Focus
15,000 fiducial markers on the ZOZOSUIT capture your body in 3D with laser-focus precision.
Measurable Results
We deliver measurable results with an average discrepancy rate of only 0.15 inches*.

Accountability Through Consistent Scanning

Body sizes fluctuate throughout the day, depending on factors like hydration, sleep or menstrual cycles. ZOZOFIT gives you the freedom and flexibility to scan at your own convenience.

Anytime, Anywhere
ZOZOFIT can be used at home, at the gym, or while traveling.
Fast & Easy
Body scans made easy! See your results in 2 minutes or less.

Eliminates Human Error with ZOZOFIT's Algorithm

ZOZOFIT takes the guesswork out of tracking your body measurements.

Track Changes
Cutting edge technology tracks composition changes for 12 key locations.
No Human Error
ZOZOFIT’s app consistently captures the same locations on your body every time.

Intuitive Visuals and Holistic Data to Support You

Whether you are just getting started on your health journey or you are a seasoned athlete looking to level up, ZOZOFIT will empower you to stay on track.

360° View
Visualize your entire body shape, even the parts you can’t see in a mirror.
Historical Data
Historical graphs can help you track and review your progress over time.
Set Goals
Goal-setting feature motivates you to stay on track.

The ZOZOSUIT makes tracking your changes precise and stress-free. The unique and form-fitting ZOZOSUIT is comprised of 15,000 fiducial markers. Similar to a QR code, these markers generate a personal 3D rendering on your ZOZOFIT app.

Machine Washable
Soft, stretchy & ultra-thin material
Inclusive Sizing
13 sizes to serve all body shapes
1 size covers 80 pounds of growth range
1 year product warranty
45-day return policy
Free exchange if you outsized your suit
The ZOZOSUIT is used in conjunction with our ZOZOFIT App. Together, these tools deliver a number of features to you stay focused on your fitness goals. Whether your goal is to lose inches, tone up, balance left/right symmetry, or simply maintain, start now by downloading ZOZOFIT’s free app.
Historical Graphs to Track & Evaluate Progress
Side-by-Side Comparisons
Track Body Changes Using ColorMetric
Stay Motivated with Goal-Setting and Sharing Features
Historical Graphs to Track & Evaluate Progress
Side-by-Side Comparisons
Track Body Changes Using ColorMetric
Stay Motivated with Goal-Setting and Sharing Features
Download ZOZOFIT Today
The ZOZOFIT app is available for both Android and iOS for free. Our easy-to-understand tutorials will help you kickstart your fitness goals.
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Customer Reviews
I hate using a tape measure and this makes it so simple. The measurements help when ordering clothes online.
This app is quite awesome. I've used it for a while and followed up with a DEXA. Not too far off.
I'm impressed with how easy the scan was, how decently comfortable the suit is, and how great the results came through!
Even if I don't see a big difference in the scale, I can see the differences it's making to my body and I'm motivated to keep on going.
EveryBODY has a Story
“I’m just a regular guy trying to lose weight and get healthy. I feel like people are moving away from the importance of a traditional scale and having something like ZOZOFIT is more true to who you are. When using ZOZOFIT, you’re looking at everything together. It also reinforces the fact that body composition is a huge factor in fitness and weight loss and building muscle.”
Andrew C.
Weightloss Challenger
“As a physician, helping improve my patients’ general health and improve their lifestyle habits is my bread and butter. ZOZOFIT allows me to show them quantifiable data, which only builds trust in me, as a provider, when speaking about meal plans and macros. On a personal level, I have used ZOZOFIT during my muscle-gaining programs and through my cutting programs. ZOZOFIT has kept myself in the best shape for a long life.”
Dianna D.
Physician Assistant
“Because I’m always on the road, knowing the data before I travel, I could send it to my trainer, for example…I think that gives them an idea of, okay, which parts of my body are growing? Getting smaller? ZOZOFIT is helpful to get a better perspective on injuries. By putting on the suit following an injury, it’s easier for me to see the changes in my body that could be, for example, swelling."
Kaito O.
Professional Golf Player
"ZOZOFIT makes tracking measurements and progress THAT much easier. It is less invasive, it gives clients a bit of autonomy and allows them to take charge of their own fitness journey. Each scan provides us with the necessary data to make program adjustments, maintain consistency and continue to enjoy the process."
Rodney L.
Personal Trainer
SUIT UP! Take Charge of Your Own Journey
Order your own ZOZOSUIT now to start tracking your measurements and take control of your health. Find your strength in the numbers that matter most to you.
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