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Save time, extend your reach and boost your business with ZOZOFIT, the world's first easily portable, extremely affordable at-home 3D body scanner.

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Measure Better

Ditch the measuring tape and help your clients capture more accurate results and track true progress, resulting in greater motivation and dedication.

"ZOZOFIT is a more efficient way to measure body composition. This gives me more time to work with my clients and takes away the need of me having to find another professional to measure me."

Devonric Johnson
NASM International CPT, NASM CNC, NASM Mental Toughness, AFAA GFI, dotFIT Nutrition, CPR|AED, Boxing & Jeet Kune Do
Los Angeles, CA

Remote Tracking Made Easy

ZOZOFIT enables you to track changes in your clients' measurements from anywhere in the world.

"Never before has there been the opportunity for home measurement tracking with clients. This product provides encouragement through visual progress to my clients and has been so helpful in keeping my clients motivated to keep working hard."

Stephanie Daratony
ACE certified personal trainer
Los Angeles, CA

Show Your Sucess

Use ZOZOFIT to show existing and prospective clients the true progress your services can help them achieve.

"With ZOZOFIT, my clients can see where they are losing fat and gaining muscle instantly. In 5 minutes, I have an accurate measurement and image of my body all from the comfort of my own home without paying a ton of money for a body scan."

Ricky Locci
SPT, CSCS, PN Level 2 Coach
Chicago, IL