Highlights: ZOZOFIT's Game-Changing Technology is a Hit at The FitExpo LA 2023

Highlights: ZOZOFIT's Game-Changing Technology is a Hit at The FitExpo LA 2023

Posted by Heather Wixson on

This past weekend, ZOZOFIT celebrated its in-person retail debut at the 2023 FitExpo LA amongst some of the best wellness brands and an array of fitness enthusiasts from all over the world. Held at the Los Angeles Convention Center on January 14th and 15th, ZOZOFIT was thrilled to be able to showcase the game-changing 3D body scanning technology behind our app and demonstrate just how our ZOZOSUIT can help everyone, regardless of their goals, take control of their fitness journeys. 

ZOZOFIT shows a FITEXPO attendee how the app works.

Throughout the FitExpo weekend, the ZOZOFIT team was able to connect with thousands of attendees and had a fantastic time chatting about the technology behind our cutting-edge 3D body scans, hearing feedback from health and wellness enthusiasts, and introducing people to the ultimate must-have fitness tool for 2023: the ZOZOSUIT.

And for those of you who were unable to attend The FitExpo LA 2023, you can always buy your suit directly on our site at www.zozofit.com.

Check out some of the highlights from the ZOZOFIT booth at The FitExpo LA 2023 in our photo gallery below! 

ZOZOFIT Model Poses with Attendee
ZOZOFIT Team Talks with Attendees
An Attendee is Surprised by ZOZOFIT's Technology
ZOZOFIT Chats With Customers at The FitExpo LA 2023
ZOZOFIT Chats with Customers at FitExpo LA 2023
ZOZOFIT Chats with FitExpo LA 2023 Attendees
Our ZOZOFIT Model Shows Off the ZOZOSUIT

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