Forbes Celebrates the ZOZOSUIT as a Standout Innovation in Wearable Tech

Forbes Celebrates the ZOZOSUIT as a Standout Innovation in Wearable Tech

Posted by Heather Wixson on

This week, ZOZOFIT was thrilled to be highlighted in a brand new article from Forbes that discussed the newly launched ColorMetric function and also lauded the ZOZOSUIT as a ground-breaking new form of wearable technology. Here's an excerpt from the Forbes piece: 

When people think of wearable technology, they most likely think of an Apple Watch or Fitbit. AirPods too. Even Apple’s hotly-anticipated mixed-reality headset. These all are computers you wear on your body.

The Zozosuit from Zozofit takes wearable tech to another level. The $98 product, currently available only in the United States, looks a lot like a wetsuit and has the ability to help people take three-dimensional scans of their body. Like Apple Watch (and reportedly Apple’s headset), the Zozosuit works with a companion app, available on iOS and Android, that connects to the suit and does all the functional heavy lifting. The company describes the suit on its website as “the future of fitness” by helping users “take the guess work out of measurements.” The suit constructs a precise 3D scan of one’s body using images captured from different angles. Accuracy-wise, Zozofit says it’s “similar to a laser scanner and can achieve this level of accuracy repeatedly, which eliminates the potential for human error while measuring.” Zozofit caveats that there’s a “margin of error of [one quarter] of an inch” depending upon where a measurement is located on a person’s body.

To continue reading the article at Forbes, click HERE.

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