Introducing ZOZOFIT’s ColorMetric Feature

Introducing ZOZOFIT’s ColorMetric Feature

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Since launching in 2022, ZOZOFIT has remained focused on finding new ways to enhance the technology that drives our cutting edge app, making 3D body scanning technology both accessible and affordable to everyone. Our newest feature, ColorMetric, has officially arrived and is yet another groundbreaking enhancement for the ZOZOFIT app that will help our users wield even more control over their fitness journeys and provide them with additional insights to help them achieve their goals, whatever they may be.

What is ColorMetric?

Highlighting your body’s transformation over time, ZOZOFIT’s ColorMetric is an innovative tool that users can utilize within our app to track changes to their shape over time as this feature compares body scans and then uses a color gradient system to represent the measurement differences that your physique has experienced over time throughout the scanning process. When used in tandem with several other available resources – goal setting and body fat percentage tracking – ColorMetric is yet another feature that takes the ZOZOFIT app to even greater heights, making it one of the most forward-thinking health and fitness technological assets available in the marketplace today.

ZOZOFIT's ColorMetric Display

For Nancy Contreras, ACE CPT, she appreciates how ColorMetric breaks down ZOZOFIT’s data and makes it easily accessible in ways that numbers simply cannot. “I think what I like most about ColorMetric is that it's instantaneous as far as that after you scan your body, the color hits instantly. It's more rewarding for me to see instant results in a sense, instead of comparing and contrasting the numbers. Plus, it's a lot easier to read, too.”

Since most people are visual learners, our hope is that ColorMetric will not only make using the ZOZOFIT app easier, but that this new color-centric way of displaying your measurement data will also give you even more insights into specific areas of your body that you are unable to track otherwise.

“I think that ColorMetric is really going to help my clients and the users that are very visual,” explained Ricky Locci, SPT, CSCS, PN Level 2 Coach. “It's very hard to see your own progress when you're taking photos, when you're stepping on the scale, or even if you're looking at measurements. But with ColorMetric, you can see exactly where the changes are happening and it's going to help you stay encouraged and motivated throughout the entire process, which is probably the hardest thing to do.”

How Does ColorMetric Work?

The ColorMetric feature provides a comprehensive and visually striking solution for tracking and analyzing body shape transformations within the ZOZOFIT app. ColorMetric displays changes in your body through three different color gradients: amber (growth), teal (reduction), and transparent (no changes). These gradients will enable you to be able to quickly and easily assess whether or not you’re meeting, achieving or exceeding your personal fitness goals. 

ColorMetric also uses color intensity that’s directly proportional to the percentage of change between scans, akin to what you would see on a heatmap. So, as the amount of change (or delta) increases in an area of your body, so does the color intensity, and vice versa. We believe this helps provide you with distinct visual guidance for the areas on your body that are experiencing significant transformations. 

ZOZOFIT's ColorMetric Display

Rodney Lozier, Functional Strength Coach and CEO/Founder of LIVEFREELIVEWELL, recognizes ColorMetric as a great way for him to be able to further customize how he works with his clients. “The heat map like feature will give clients and general users a better overview to better visualize their progress. With this, they'll be able to effectively customize their program to target specific areas where they need and want to make improvements overall.”

The ColorMetric’s intuitive, color-based approach can help simplify the assessment of your body shape progress, making it an engaging and straightforward tool in the ZOZOFIT app that’s helpful for everyone at any stage of their fitness journey.

“As a personal trainer, I try to keep it as simple as possible for my clients,” explained Dustin Ripkens, NSDM-CPT, AFAA-CGFI, and Bellicon Mastertrainer. “Now with ColorMetric through ZOZOFIT, it helps me to show in one picture the transformation that already happened, and I can explain to them what we will target in the near future: what body parts, what the process will be, and what workouts we are going to do to make those further changes.”

“ColorMetric helps me explain to my clients how the changes that we make in their program are helping or hurting their progress, and it allows me to make adjustments based on the change that we are seeing every time they scan,” added Stephanie Daratony, ACE certified personal trainer.

With ZOZOFIT’s ColorMetric, you can embrace the power of color as you effortlessly visualize your body transformation journey while using the ZOZOFIT app. To find out more about ZOZOFIT and the accompanying ZOZOSUIT, please visit us at

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