Cultivating Fitness & Weight Loss Accountability with ZOZOFIT

Cultivating Fitness & Weight Loss Accountability with ZOZOFIT

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ZOZOFIT user Heather Ting discusses how she uses the ZOZOFIT app to help keep her accountable throughout her weight loss journey.

ZOZOFIT can help users with their weight loss goals through several of our app's features, including ColorMetric, Side-by-Side Scan Comparisons, and Goal-Setting.

ZOZOFIT user Heather Ting purchased her ZOZOSUIT after seeing an ad on Facebook, and since then she has been sharing the love for ZOZOFIT’s 3D body scanning technology and body measurement accuracy with family, friends, and others in her weight loss & fitness circles. 

Before purchasing the ZOZOFIT, Heather was taking part in a medical weight loss program, but noticed there was something different about her experience compared to participants in other weight loss programs. They were getting regular measurements and she was not. 

“They [participants in the other weight loss program] were talking about how they’ve lost this many inches…so I was like, 'I need to get into measuring.'" 

Previously, Heather found it hard to stick to a regular routine if measuring if there was not a goal or event coming up. 

“I saw [ZOZOFIT] on Facebook as an ad and I thought, ‘that’d be easy.’ I could just try on the suit and get my measurements that way and track that way,” she said. 

One of the benefits of ZOZOFIT is that it is simple to use and gets its users away from the traditional scale, which can be inaccurate when measuring changes in the body (muscle density weighs more than fat!) and often has negative connotations because of the dangers of diet culture. 

For Heather, ZOZOFIT was a way to keep track of where her weight loss progress was headed, while also helping with body dysmorphia. 

“It takes a long time to register weight loss on me. I’m 5 foot 10 and I tend to carry my weight pretty evenly.” 

Using ZOZOFIT, though, provides her with accurate measurements to really see where the weight loss is happening on her body. 

Supporting and Finding Support in Weight Loss

Heather was scheduled to have surgery, but before that, she decided to take her first measurement with ZOZOFIT. 

“I like to have a documented starting point and so it was easy to do that way.” 

Now, post surgery, she is able to see how her body has changed from before the surgery and since the surgery. She scans once a month, which is a great interval for scans to truly see the progress made. 

She’s also begun to cultivate a community around weight loss and using the ZOZOFIT. 

When preparing for surgery, she was paired with another individual undergoing the same procedure. 

“We’ve been talking everyday just because of what we both have been going through. I think it came up in regular conversation.” 

She told her partner about how she was starting a journal to track her body measurement goal progress over time. Heather prints out the 3D mesh illustrations created by ZOZOFIT and adds them to her journal. While she still uses the side-by-side comparison  feature of the app, she likes the physicality of printing the images and placing them next to each other in the journal.

The images created in the ZOZOFIT app, for Heather, are better markers of her progress than just regular pictures. 

After discussing their experiences with the surgery and new techniques to track their progress, Heather told her friend about the ZOZOSUIT. 

“She bought a ZOZOSUIT because she wanted to have a before and after picture, just like me.” 

What’s next for Heather? 

Since her surgery, Heather has continued to share her love of ZOZOFIT and also find additional ways to motivate her to reach her weight loss goals. 

ZOZOFIT has built-in goal setting features for its users, which allows them to track measurements of specific body parts, as well as body fat percentage overtime. 

In addition, Heather has been enjoying a new fitness program with OrangeTheory fitness and trying out some other apps to supplement the progress that she’s made, like step challenges. Prioritizing movement has been incredibly important in her weight loss journey. 

Now, she can look back through her progress with ZOZOFIT and see how her body has changed overtime. 

“I feel like [body measurements] are something everybody should know about themselves and be able to take charge of and manage.” 

Using ZOZOFIT to Track Body Transformations 

Just like Heather, you can also use ZOZOFIT to track your body transformations over time. 


ZOZOFIT offers two tools in the ZOZOFIT app to track these body transformations: side-by-side comparison and ColorMetric. With both of these features, you can see how one scan compares to a previous one. 


Side-by-side comparison does exactly what it says! With it, you can see two of your scans next to each. This is a great way to see visible changes from one scan to the next. 


ColorMetric uses color tones (teal for decreases in measurements; amber for increases in measurements) to show you how your current scan compares to your previous one. This at-a-glance feature helps you know within minutes what progress you have made toward your goals. 


The digital toolbox of features available on the ZOZOFIT app makes it easy to track how effective your fitness plan is, and help you make adjustments along the way. For newcomers or exercise lifers, ZOZOFIT is there to help our community reach their goals, including weight loss, and stay focused on their well-being

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