5 of the Best Wearable Tech Innovations To Pay Attention To

5 of the Best Wearable Tech Innovations To Pay Attention To

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Activity trackers and smartwatches are currently the most widely adopted wearable technology. The best wearable tech innovations that will revolutionize the market in the mid-to-late 2020s go beyond your wrist. If you are curious about the ways you can use technology to improve your life, like ZOZOFIT, pay attention to these innovative wearable tech products in the near future. 

The Best Wearable Tech Innovations

Smartwatches are a relatively old concept that dates all the way back to the Pulsar Time Computer Calculator in 1976 and the Hewlett Packard HP-01 in 1977. Four decades later, wearable fitness trackers and smartwatches with much more functionality finally achieved widespread adoption. The features of these devices have continued to advance over the past decade, but watches that track activity and report biometric sensor readings are only the tip of the wearable-tech iceberg.

The best recent innovations in wearable tech range from whole-body systems to visualization displays. These systems are likely to drive consumer spending and expand the market for wearable technology. Approximately 78 million people in the United States used smart wearables in 2021, and this share will potentially grow to 93 million people by 2025. Experts predict that the global wearable devices market will reach $265.4 billion by 2026. Learn more about five types of wearable tech that are likely to drive this growth.

1. 3D Body Measurement System

One of the most innovative developments in wearable tech is a system for taking accurate 3D body scans. The ZOZOFIT system consists of a full-body ZOZOSUIT and an app for smartphone devices. Download and install the app and put on the suit to measure your body with a level of accuracy that is comparable to a laser scanner.

ZOZOFIT makes taking body measurements easier than ever before. The scanning process is simple and fast, and the app logs past measurements and provides analytics, such as trend graphs, to help you track your progress toward your personal goals. Once you own a ZOZOSUIT and install the ZOZOFIT app, you will have access to the best wearable tech for unlimited scans.

2. AR and VR Headsets

Augmented reality applications started rolling out in the early 2010s and became mainstream with the release of Pokémon Go in 2016. While initial AR applications used the screens of camera-enabled devices to superimpose digital content over real-world surroundings, wearable tech such as Snapchat Spectacles, Google Glass and Vuzix Blade are making AR experiences more immersive.

Modern virtual reality headsets became available to consumers in 2013, and visualization systems have advanced significantly over the past decade. This trend is likely to continue with the release of the Apple Vision Pro in 2024. There are also a growing number of VR applications for wearable tech, including immersive exercise programs. At the same time, there are also several obstacles to more widespread adoption of VR technology, from the pricing of systems to the common experience of motion sickness that results from prolonged use.

3. Smart Accessories and Clothing

The smart accessory trend started in 2009 with clip-on fitness trackers and progressed to wrist trackers by 2013. Smartwatches were soon to follow, with Android watches debuting in 2014 and the Apple Watch hitting the market in 2015. The past few years have seen advanced sensors make their way into these devices and the release of other wearable tech accessories, such as rings with activity tracking and biometric sensing features. 

The best wearable tech is unobtrusive, which means that these systems provide useful features without posing distractions or drawing attention. Along these lines, smart clothing is another category of wearable technology to pay attention to in the near future. The Levi's Commuter X Jacquard By Google Trucker Jacket hit the market in 2017 and was an early example of this type of wearable tech. Brands such as AiQ Smart Clothing and Hexoskin are already selling smart garments made with conductive fabrics and sensors.

4. Electrical Muscle Stimulation Devices 

Other examples of innovations in the best wearable tech are workout devices that deliver electrical muscle stimulation. EMS systems make it possible to compound the efficacy of workouts and increase strength without using weights for resistance. Full-body systems trigger muscle contractions by using electrodes to send low-frequency impulses that imitate brain signals.

The general public first became aware of EMS systems after a doctor used an early version to train Russian athletes for the 1976 Summer Olympics. Over subsequent decades, medical professionals have used this technology to help patients with physical rehabilitation after spinal cord injuries. EMS wearable technology is now available to consumers. A new FDA-approved system makes it possible to pursue EMS training at home.

5. Personalized Medical Alerts

There are a number of medical alert systems available on the market, and the leading smartwatches have some medical alert features, such as heart health notifications and fall detection sensors. The future of the best wearable tech will provide a wider range of medical alerts. A promising concept is wearable tech that can analyze body fluids, such as interstitial fluid or sweat, to track levels of stress hormones or other wellness markers. 

One of the main barriers to personalized medical alerts is the availability of patient data. These alerts can become even more relevant and potentially lifesaving with the development of solutions that make more contextual information, such as medical histories and medication records, available in a secure manner that complies with privacy laws. These advances are likely to keep pace with innovations in wearable technology and the increasing number of wearable users. 

Start Using the Best Wearable Tech

You can use wearable tech to change the way you exercise and track the effects of lifestyle changes. The future is already here when it comes to taking accurate 3D body scans. The ZOZOSUIT and ZOZOFIT app are the best wearable tech for measuring muscle gain or weight loss. Simply put on the suit, take a scan with your smartphone camera and use the app to set goals, track progress and share your results.

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