Which ZOZOFIT Scanning Experience Is Right For Me?

Which ZOZOFIT Scanning Experience Is Right For Me?

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After a year and a half of requiring ZOZOFIT users to wear the ZOZOSUIT in order to be able to complete the body scanning process through our state-of-the-art app, we now have more scanning options for those looking to track their fitness. ZOZOFIT breaks down the body scanning experiences to help you decide.

What Kind of Fitness Fiend Are You?

1. The Fitness Newbie

2. The Goal-Minded Go-Getter

3. The Everyday Exerciser

4. The Casual Gym-Goer

5. The Weekend Warrior

6. The Alpha Athlete

After a year and a half of requiring ZOZOFIT users to wear the ZOZOSUIT in order to be able to complete the body scanning process through our state-of-the-art app, we recently announced that we are now able to offer fitness-minded individuals a new option where they can scan without the need for additional hardware. All they need is their iPhone, a ZOZOFIT app subscription, tight-fitting clothing, and they are good to go.

Now that ZOZOFIT is giving users different choices when it comes to tracking changes to their body composition, we thought we should break down the different scanning options through our app – the newly-launched subscription service or scanning with the ZOZOSUIT – according to the different types of fitness users out there who are looking to monitor their health and wellness in a way that fits their lifestyle.

At ZOZOFIT, our goal is to make digital fitness tracking more accessible to everyone – so let’s take a look at how our technology can help you meet your goals, or even exceed them with our different scanning experiences.

The Fitness Newbie

Fitness Newbies are newcomers to this world who have taken a big step forward towards taking control of their health and wellness. As they’re starting out, it can feel daunting because there’s so much to keep track of: scheduling, nutrition, workout regimens, and tracking progress over time. Taking on a new fitness journey can be very challenging or even overwhelming, but that’s where ZOZOFIT comes in.

ZOZOFIT is here to help make things easier from the data side of things. With our app, we can help take the guesswork out of trying to track your progress and give fitness beginners more insights beyond just numbers on a scale. Tracking real progress to your shape throughout your efforts is a great way to make adjustments to your fitness plan in real time and find what works best for you as you find your footing.

The ZOZOFIT Plan: For newbies, we recommend using the monthly subscription plan to start off with. It’ll help you get started without overwhelming you, and the app will keep you motivated as you regularly check-in during this crucial phase in your fitness journey. And whether you decide to go with the one month or three month subscription plan, you’ll still receive a 7 day free trial so you can check out ZOZOFIT on your own terms first.

If you do end up becoming more of a seasoned fitness veteran over time, then switching over to the ZOZOSUIT to continue scanning could be a better long-term option for tracking your progress in the future. With either decision, you will be receiving access to state-of-the-art body shape analysis tools that will keep you motivated and support you as you work towards your goals.

The Goal-Minded Go-Getter

The Goal-Minded Go-Getter is someone who is working towards a specific goal, usually one that is short-term, so the finish line they are visualizing isn’t too far off into the distance. Maybe they're getting ready for their big day when they walk down the aisle, or they want to get ready for the upcoming summer season, or they have a closet full of clothing that just doesn’t fit the way they want it to, so they need to focus on achieving a specific objective for a few months, and then they’re ready to move on.

ZOZOFIT can help support these Goal-Minded folks, as our app’s metrics go beyond just capturing and analyzing the shape of their body. Our goal setting feature on the ZOZOFIT app is a great way to set the course for what you're looking to achieve, and we let you know how you are progressing as you keep at it.

The ZOZOFIT Plan: For those who are motivated by specific goals, the ZOZOFIT subscription plans are a perfect option, as they are designed to help those who need some guidance as they are trying to achieve certain fitness-focused milestones in their lives. With the option for a one-month subscription or a three-month subscription, ZOZOFIT is a supportive tool to help everyone keep their eyes on the prize as they look to meet their goals.

And as these Go-Getters continue working towards hitting their desired fitness milestones, they can reassess the ZOZOFIT subscription that’s right for them until they can celebrate crossing the finish line or achieving their fitness objective. Once that happens, ZOZOFIT can continue to help maintain any progress that was made for as long as it fits these goal-minded individuals’ lifestyles.

The Everyday Exerciser

The Everyday Exerciser is someone who has made fitness a part of their everyday life. They see staying active as an integral part of their day, the same as having breakfast, running errands or going to work. When their feet hit the floor in the morning, they are off and running and they view each day as an opportunity to get their blood pumping or exert some energy however they can. For the workout warriors, fitness is ingrained in who they are, even if they aren’t working towards any specific goals – they just know that staying active is important to their overall health and wellness.

While the Everyday Exerciser may not necessarily be tracking anything specific related to their fitness, they may still be curious about how their body shape is transforming in general or they may want to track their body fat percentage just to ensure that their day-to-day physical activities are working in favor of their health and wellness.

The ZOZOFIT Plan: For Everyday Exercisers, the ZOZOFIT subscription plan is their best option because there is a bit of flexibility when you choose either a one month or three month subscription. During this time, Everyday Exercisers can scan whenever they want from wherever is most convenient just to make sure that there aren’t changes happening to their shape that they are unaware of. 

While they may not have specific goals in mind, the ZOZOFIT could inspire them to be mindful about aspects of their physical fitness they hadn’t considered before using our app. And as time goes on and you want to continue to monitor your progress on a long-term basis, the ZOZOSUIT can be hugely beneficial in that regard (and going between the subscription plan and ZOZOSUIT scanning is a seamless experience).

The Casual Gym-Goer

The Casual Gym-Goer is someone who hasn’t really prioritized going to the gym as something they need to do on a regular basis, but they still are conscientious about their overall health and wellness enough to pop into the gym whenever their time permits. They’re not working towards a specific goal, nor are they overly dedicated to getting a certain amount of reps in, but they still know that working out can be a beneficial endeavor when they can find the time to hit the treadmill or attend their favorite fitness class.

Because the Casual Gym-Goer isn’t always able to put their physical activities first since the rest of their responsibilities can get in the way, they may need to rely on a tool to help them analyze what’s going on with their body shape just so they can be conscientious of any changes over time. That’s where ZOZOFIT comes in.

The ZOZOFIT Plan: For those who are unable to prioritize their fitness but still want to be mindful of what’s going on with their bodies, the ZOZOFIT subscription plans are a great option to be able to check in on your body composition from time-to-time just to make sure things are still progressing the way they want them too. And if not, then they know how to make adjustments moving forward based on the data from the ZOZOFIT app.

The Weekend Warrior

The Weekend Warrior is all about making the most of their time away from the office, so they try to get their workouts in on their days off. In a recent report from JAMA, their research showed how this approach to fitness has demonstrated huge benefits when participants can engage in physical activity for 150 minutes for both of those days. So for these Warriors, they’re making every minute count on Saturdays and Sundays because they know how important it is to stay on top of their fitness when they can find the time. 

Because Weekend Warriors have such a limited schedule, ZOZOFIT can make a huge impact on tracking their fitness while keeping things simple and time-conscientious, too. 

The ZOZOFIT Plan: For Weekend Warriors, either of ZOZOFIT’s subscription plans would be a great tool to help guide them during their workouts. Because of the flexibility of the equipment-free scanning experience, Warriors can choose either a one month or three month subscription to get started and then scan on the weekends to track their overall progress after their done working out.

The Alpha Athlete

The Alpha Athlete has one thing on their mind: constant improvement. They know their way around the gym and spend hours there several times a week – if not every single day. They have meticulously planned out their workout regimens down to the second, and they know exactly what they need to do in order to keep seeing the results that they are looking for, whether it's increasing their gains, reducing body fat, or just hitting a certain amount of reps each day. 

For the Alpha Athlete, their fitness is centered around becoming a better version of themselves with everything they do and they’re always focused on the future. For these fitness enthusiasts, ZOZOFIT can be an incredibly useful digital tool to help guide all of their decisions as they strive for more improvements.

The ZOZOFIT Plan: Alpha Athletes are most likely best served by being able to use the ZOZOSUIT for scanning on the ZOZOFIT app, since they are so dedicated to tracking all the different intricacies of their physique on a long-term basis. But if they wanted to just see how the ZOZOFIT app works before making that investment, new users can sign up for one of the ZOZOFIT app’s subscription plans to try things out for either one month or three months, and then determine the best way to integrate our technology into their ongoing fitness plan. 

The best part is that if the Alphas ever do ever decide to switch between a ZOZOFIT subscription plan or using the ZOZOSUIT to scan for years to come, they will never lose any of their data either, so they never have to worry about missing out on tracking progress if they do decide to change up their body scanning experience with ZOZOFIT.

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