How Using Technology Can Positively Impact Your Fitness Journey

How Using Technology Can Positively Impact Your Fitness Journey

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The fitness landscape has changed dramatically since the pandemic in 2020, but it was evolving even before that. It’s just that the pandemic made now-ubiquitous fitness tech like ZOZOFIT, smart home gym equipment, fitness trackers, and other health and fitness tech relevant even sooner. Now, it’s hard to imagine a world without Pelotons, remote personal training, and smart scales! 

All of this technology has one shared purpose, though, and that’s to improve the fitness of us all by using different tools to help us track our progress, make better fitness decisions, and improve the efficacy of our workouts. Knowing how using technology can positively impact your fitness journey is just the first step in developing a fitness routine ready for the 21st century and beyond. 

Find the Fitness Tech That’s Right For You

What fitness tech would benefit you the most depends on what your fitness goals are and how you’ve set up your fitness routine. Since there are many different types of fitness tech, take the time to evaluate what you hope to achieve by using the technology. Just having the tech won’t lead to results because you need to make sure it fits in with your goals. 

Start by looking over your workout routine and finding places where tech could be useful. Do you need guidance when you hit the exercise bike or have you yet to find the next spin studio that’s right for you? Then you might want to try Peloton. Smart home gym equipment can take home workouts to the next level, and while it is an investment, you’ll save in the long run by not paying for a gym membership. 

Have you been on a weight loss journey and need an extra push? Fitness technology like smart scales and the ZOZOFIT app can help you keep track of your progress in a way that’s more accurate than just looking at the scale. When you wear the ZOZOSUIT, the ZOZOFIT app scans your body to create engaging 3D imagery that provides users with a more complete picture of how their fitness journey is progressing as they track their measurements, body fat percentage, and more. 

Even upgrading from a standard fitness tracker to something more specialized, like a Garmin for distance runners or Coros for triathletes, can supercharge your training. 

Incorporate Tech into Your Routine 

Once you’ve nailed down what fitness tech would make the biggest difference in your training, it’s time to incorporate the tech into your routine. With fitness technology, you’ll want to optimize its use to make the biggest difference in your workouts. 

If you opted for wearable fitness tech like a watch or heart rate monitor, you’ll want to get in the habit of putting it on before your workout — and keeping it charged and stored somewhere easy to find. The benefits of these tech come from consistent use as the tech (especially watches) can learn more about you and your fitness. 

Trying out new home gym equipment, like a Peloton, is exciting, but make sure you take the time to orient yourself to the tech! Especially if you’re new, take it slow and take the time to learn all of the functionality and how best to work the equipment into your routine. Sometimes getting something new can also lead to overuse, so don’t throw your whole routine out the window for back-to-back spin classes on the Peloton! 

Anything used to measure weight or body composition is best used at regular intervals. Set up a time each week to weigh in (or “wear in,” if you’re using a ZOZOSUIT) and collect data. It’s also important that you get your weight or measurements at the same time of the day each time as well. Keep in mind, though, that tech like smart scales and the ZOZOFIT should not be used everyday. To really see the changes from your fitness routine, check in with the tech once a week at most! 

Use Data & Track Your Progress

What fun would fitness tech be if we couldn’t track our progress? Access to data is one of the biggest benefits of investing in fitness tech because with data we can chart our progress and see where we need to make improvements. 

Start by taking time out of every week to reflect on the previous week and look over the data you’ve collected. Reviewing what you’ve done is one of the best ways to map a way forward with your fitness. If you took your body measurements with the ZOZOFIT app and realized you’ve seen significant changes in the muscle in your arms, but have been neglecting the legs and glutes, then maybe it’s time to change focus. 

Additionally, being able to go back and see what workouts you have done or how many miles you’ve put into a certain sport can help you adapt your workout routine to be more aligned with your fitness goals. 

Regardless of what you are tracking, though, never forget to celebrate your wins! Even if they’re small, it’s important to recognize your successes as you increase your fitness level. You’re putting in hard work — never forget that!  

How to Use ZOZOFIT’s Technology to Increase Your Fitness 

Adding ZOZOFIT to your fitness tech arsenal can change your fitness for the better. The app will use ZOZOFIT’s 3D body scanning technology to create a 3D mesh of your body using images of you in your ZOZOSUIT

Getting body scans helps you see the nitty gritty of your progress in losing body fat percentage and gaining muscle. At ZOZOFIT, we recommend taking a scan every 1-2 weeks to really see how your fitness routine is working for you. The measurements taken by the ZOZOFIT app are also a great launchpad as you refine your goals and workout targets. 

Optimize your use of the ZOZOFIT app by setting goals for muscle gains or body fat percentage, and compare scans using our new ColorMetric feature to see changes in real time. If you’re pursuing weight loss then having the unfiltered view of your body that the app provides can change your relationship to weight loss. It will be less about the number on the scale and more about seeing the changes when you look at yourself — and your body scan

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