The Benefits of Incorporating Health Tracking Apps Into Your Lifestyle

The Benefits of Incorporating Health Tracking Apps Into Your Lifestyle

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One of the biggest hurdles to maintaining your fitness goals is figuring out how to keep track of and see your progress over time. Luckily, incorporating fitness and health tracking apps, like ZOZOFIT, into your lifestyle can help you make strides to seeing real improvements. 

This guide to health tracking apps will discuss what health tracking apps are, the benefits of using these apps, what you can track with these apps, and, of course, how to use your ZOZOSUIT and the ZOZOFIT app to track your health and fitness. 

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What are health tracking apps? 

Health tracking apps are any app that you can use to track various facets of your fitness. Some apps, like ZOZOFIT, require you to enter the app and log information. Other apps, like those that come with fitness watches, can automatically upload new data into your app for you to look at later. 

Many of the fitness watch apps, like Fitbit, are able to track multiple different things so can often be a “one-stop shop” for fitness tracking. In Fitbit you might track your steps, weight, workouts, food, and even your menstrual cycle! Sometimes, though, a “one-stop shop” isn’t the best path to take because you may want specialized data. 

For example, body measurements are best tracked with 3D body scanning in ZOZOFIT and you might prefer the data provided in Strava about your runs and bike rides. 

How to use health tracking apps

Whichever health tracking app you decide to use, you’ll want to ensure that you understand how to add or input data, and what you’re supposed to do with the data you collect about your health and fitness. 

Think about using the tracking aspect as a way to reach a SMART goal. If whatever you track is measurable, you should be able to see your progress. 

Definitely make sure to pick a health tracking app that will work for you in terms of updating, though. If you are known to forget to input information — or get lazy after a few days — then manually adding all of your workouts to Strava may not be for you. Instead, you might want to consider something that pairs with a watch or other device that will automatically upload the information you want to capture.   

Benefits of using health tracking apps 

There are many benefits to using health tracking apps and incorporating them into your lifestyle. These apps are tools to better your fitness and also help you see the bigger picture of your overall health. 

Program fitness reminders 

Sometimes you just need a little push to get off of the couch and go for a walk. Many health tracking apps (and fitness watches) will send you notifications to remind you it’s time to get your steps in, add in your afternoon snack, or log your latest workout. 

For many people, the simple push notification on your phone screen is enough to increase your fitness. According to A Health Blog, fitness watches and other fitness wearables can motivate users to walk about 1800 more steps than they would have without it! 

Using your ZOZOFIT App, you can also set reminders for taking body measurements — making it super easy to build an ongoing fitness habit. 

Set goals 

ZOZOFIT's goal setting features

Setting and achieving goals is one of the greatest uses for your health tracking apps, which is precisely why ZOZOFIT recently added a goal-setting feature. Many of the apps allow you to set goals to then make progress toward them. 

For example, you might want to set a monthly mileage goal in Strava for your runs or a body fat percentage goal in ZOZOFIT. 

Track progress

They’re calling “tracking” apps for a reason! Health tracking apps like ZOZOFIT quite literally log your fitness data so you can go back and look at it for days, weeks, and years to come! 

Anytime you add new data, it will apply to your goal progress, which gives you further incentive to make sure that you are making noticeable strides in your fitness. 

Connect with friends

Many fitness tracking apps have functionality that will allow you to connect with your friends, including the ZOZOFIT app. These features are great for accountability, especially if you are someone who needs a bit of external motivation to work toward your fitness goals. 

If you love knowing what friends are running which routes, the social features of Strava might be for you! Maybe you just want the ability to share your progress on social media? In that case, you can export data and progress from health tracking apps like ZOZOFIT to post on Instagram or Facebook. 

ZOZOFIT makes it easy to share your progress with friends and family

What can I track with health tracking apps? 

The great thing about health tracking apps like ZOZOFIT is that there really is something for everyone. No matter what your health or fitness goals — or your exercise of choice — you will be able to find the perfect health tracking app for you. 

Body measurements 

Whether you want to gain muscle mass or decrease your body fat percentage, being able to keep track of body measurements through the ZOZOFIT app is a great way to log this information. 

Using your ZOZOSUIT and 3D body scanning technology, you can track all of your measurements in ZOZOFIT and even set up a recurring reminder so you never forget! 


Many apps, like Fitbit, will track your steps when associated with a watch or other tracking device. 

Heart rate 

Heart rate is especially important for endurance athletes. Use a health tracking app to monitor your heart rate, which will come in handy if you are following any 80/20 plans for running, biking, or even triathlons! 


Use the apps to log each of your workouts so you can see your progress over time, but also look back at past workouts for reference. 


Anything with a GPS — like Garmin, Fitbit, or Strava — can log the distance you go when running, kayaking, or cycling. Many distance athletes will keep mileage goals, so it’s important to be able to track your workout progress with these apps. 

Calories burned 

Some health tracking apps can even calculate your calories burned per workout! This is great if you are looking to lose weight or need more information about how much you need to replenish after that 10-mile run. 

Food and nutrition 

Food logs like My Fitness Pal give you a way to keep track of your food and nutritional intake. Fuel can make or break your fitness performance, so knowing what you’re eating and drinking can help you perform better at your next race. 


Many of the fitness tracking devices and watches can also log your sleep. Sleep health is often overlooked, but central to your health and wellness. Insight into your sleep patterns could be the key to improving your fitness. 

Best practices for using your ZOZOSUIT for health tracking 

Make sure you are incorporating your ZOZOSUIT into your fitness tracking practice by utilizing the reminder and goal functions. 

The data you collect using ZOZOFIT is the ultimate way to track your health and wellness goals. ZOZOFIT data also works well in tandem with data you might collect with your Apple Watch or Fitbit so that you can collectively see your progress. 

Definitely think about ways to optimize your fitness across the board using many of these different tracking methods including the ZOZOFIT app

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