Conquering the Fear of the Scale: One ZOZOFIT User’s Fitness Journey

Conquering the Fear of the Scale: One ZOZOFIT User’s Fitness Journey

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ZOZOFIT user Mandi (Amanda) Porter has been using the ZOZOSUIT with our app to help her track her progress throughout her fitness journey in 2023. In this interview, Mandi shares her thoughts on how ZOZOFIT has helped improve her confidence and take control of her goals.

ZOZOFIT chats with long-time user Mandi (Amanda) Porter about how our technology has empowered her through her fitness journey and has helped change how she views her body as well.

Like many people during the COVID-19 pandemic, ZOZOFIT user Mandi (Amanda) Porter gained weight. That era of life was difficult for many and caused a lot of stress, as well as disruption of normal activities, making it hard to focus on things like maintaining fitness or weight. 

During this time, Mandi didn’t look at the scale. There was too much negative energy around it, especially because the number on the scale is often stigmatized and can be the instigator of bad feelings around the body and weight overall. But, as she and her husband came out of the pandemic they wanted to make a change.

“We started just eating better and trying to be better…and I lost 20 pounds, give or take, over the course of two years and then he lost about 60 pounds over the course of two years,” she said. 

This was the beginning of Mandi’s fitness journey, but she still needed a way to track her progress. 

“It was right before Christmas 2022 when I saw ZOZOFIT and I thought, 'You know what, I’ve been so afraid of the scale. This might be something better for me to judge my progress in a very tangible way.' So I ordered one, and I fell in love with it right away.” 

Getting an “Honest Glimpse” with ZOZOFIT 3D Body Scanning

Since ZOZOFIT relies on body measurements, rather than weight, it provides a more accurate picture of a person’s body and fitness without the stigma of the scale. 

It’s also a more accurate measurement than weight, especially when working toward weight loss goals. Because muscle is denser than fat, if someone is exercising and building muscle while burning fat, the scale may not always reflect those changes. 

For Mandi, being able to see her body was what made the difference on her weight loss journey

“[Using the ZOZOFIT] was the first really honest glimpse I got of my body…it’s more telling because there are times when I weigh more and I put on the ZOZOFIT and my body looks better. And to have those measurements and to be able to just see it, it’s nice to be able to compare and go back to my process.” 

Mandi measures using the ZOZOFIT about once per month, which she found has given her the best benchmarks. When measuring every two weeks, she felt the differences were not large enough to really notice. 

Overtime, as she completed more scans, she used features in the ZOZOFIT app to see how much she had changed. 

“If I have a scan that I don’t feel particularly great about, I can go back and look at where I was in January and compare them side-by-side. It’s so helpful to be like, yeah, you know, you haven’t changed much from your scan-in three weeks ago, but look how far I’ve come since January.” 

Setting Goals in the ZOZOFIT App 

Using health tracking apps is a great way to measure progress and stay motivated to complete goals. Mandi utilizes the goal setting function in ZOZOFIT for tracking and setting measurement goals. 

“That’s my motivation. The biggest thing is just having a tangible thing to look at. It’s not just a number where you don’t really know what that number means, because I can look at myself on that 3D rendition.” 

With ZOZOFIT, Mandi has reduced her body fat percentage from 46% to 31%. 

Having met her goals twice already, Mandi has even had to order a new, smaller ZOZOSUIT — talk about tangible progress! 

Now, she is focused on different parts of the body through strength training. On the app, after a scan, the 3D model lights up to show how much closer she’s gotten to each goal, which means she also knows what she needs to do to reach the benchmark. 

Since getting started with ZOZOFIT, Mandi has also seen changes in her confidence and fitness level. Instead of dwelling on the past, she looks at old scans to see how far she’s come. 

“I go back to my scans and I don’t think, ‘look how ugly I look.’ I think, ‘look how hard I worked to love my body and give it what it deserved.’” 

Mandi Porter enjoys feeling more comfortable in her body these days and is looking towards the future while using ZOZOFIT to keep her on track.

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