Adding Health Monitoring Devices to Your Routine: 5 Benefits To Consider

Adding Health Monitoring Devices to Your Routine: 5 Benefits To Consider

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At ZOZOFIT, we understand how the decision to make health monitoring devices a part of your routine can have far-reaching benefits. The latest monitoring devices are designed for accuracy and ease of use. You can choose from a wide variety of wearable or convenient monitors for tracking activity, heart rate, blood oxygen levels, body composition and body measurements. Find out why you should use monitoring devices and discover five benefits of adding these devices to your routine.

Why Use Health Monitoring Devices?

Taking accurate measurements of your body and tracking your activity levels and vital signs is much more difficult without specialized devices. Before advanced smartwatches hit the market, people measured distances in advance, wore dedicated step-counters or relied on step-counting features of smartphones to self-monitor physical activity.

The ability to use personal health monitoring devices to track a wide variety of activities and get pulse readings along with other data has been a game-changer for active people. These devices are designed to be simple to set up, put on and use. To get the most benefits from any type of monitoring device, you should be able to check current readings and track data over time.

1. Use With Ease

The best health monitoring devices are easy to use. Whether you wear a smartwatch or use any other type of health monitor device, accessibility is one of the best benefits of the latest generations of this technology. While some devices are intended to move with you, the best body measurement system is designed for use during scheduled sessions that you can do anywhere at any time, as long as you have your ZOZOSUIT and a smartphone with the ZOZOFIT app.

ZOZOFIT's 3D body measurement technology combines the latest innovations in wearable health monitoring devices with an advanced measurement app that uses your smartphone camera. Put on your ZOZOSUIT, load the app and follow prompts to turn around and take your measurements via your phone. This system measures every part of your body and has a similar level of accuracy to a laser scanner. The ZOZOFIT app makes it easy to check current measurements, track trends and visualize changes.

2. Capture and Save Accurate Health Data  

Increased accuracy is a significant benefit of newer versions of health monitoring devices. Early activity trackers and smartwatch systems were known to provide approximate step counts and vital sign readings. Old-fashioned methods for taking body measurements are also more difficult and less precise than the ZOZOFIT system.

Early versions of wearable health monitoring devices had limited connectivity and memory. It was also more difficult to export or share readings from these devices with systems that have more storage, such as smartphones or computers. Today, more wearables connect directly to smartphone apps and store data on devices with backups in the cloud. This means you can sign into your accounts to access complete histories of data gathered by devices.

3. Check Data in Real Time

The availability of real-time data is one of the main attractions of using personal health monitoring devices. The ability to check the distance that you have covered on a walk, run, bike ride or swim can give you a sense of accomplishment, increase your motivation and help you plan the rest of your workout. You can refer to current data to inform your short-term decisions, while historical data can shape your long-term goals.

When you use the ZOZOFIT app to take measurements while wearing the ZOZOSUIT, you can see measurements of your shoulders, chest, upper arms, waist, hips, thighs and calves as soon as the scan is complete. You have the option to schedule measurement sessions or take measurements any time that you want to review up-to-date readings.

4. Track Data Over Time

One of the main benefits of using health monitoring devices is the ability to compare data over the course of weeks, months or years. You can start building a record of past data for use in analytics as soon as you begin using a device or system. The ability to easily add to this log and maintain complete records can encourage you to implement new wellness technology and continue to use these systems over long periods of time.

The ZOZOFIT app creates a trend graph with recent and past measurements and also has advanced visualization functions. Beyond simply reporting body measurements, analytics can show the effects of making positive lifestyle changes. A 3D body measurement system and other health monitoring devices can essentially tell the complete story of how you are going about achieving your fitness and wellness goals.

5. Record Multiple Types of Data

Many monitoring devices have options to track more than one type of data. While some systems are specialized for particular functions, such as measurement, other wearable health monitoring devices can track activity, heart rate, blood oxygen levels and other data points. Consider which types of data will be most useful based on your priorities and lifestyle. You might be able to use a simple device for counting steps or monitoring your pulse, or you may want a smartwatch that has the most advanced monitoring features.

It is worthwhile to review the instruction manual for any device to maximize its functionality. For instance, with ZOZOFIT, you can easily and safely share measurements with your coach, trainer or community of supporters. No matter how you prefer to use monitoring technology, the latest devices have features to promote adoption and provide ongoing benefits. Consider device features and select the best monitoring tools to support your effort to achieve any personal goals.

How To Use Health Monitoring Devices Effectively

The best way to learn how to use any health monitor device is to read the instructions. Many health monitoring devices are designed for use with applications that guide proper use, provide tips and include features for logging and analyzing data. The ZOZOSUIT works with the ZOZOFIT app to measure your body, keep track of past measurements and display trend graphs and visualizations. Buy a ZOZOSUIT and download the ZOZOFIT app to start taking more accurate body measurements.

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