5 Great Water Exercises to Try This Summer

5 Great Water Exercises to Try This Summer

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Summer means it’s time to hit the pool. With warmer temperatures, cooling off is at the forefront of our minds. ZOZOFIT knows that in these long, hot days, it can be difficult to find a good time to fit in a strenuous workout. Sometimes even the mornings or evenings aren’t even cool enough! Water exercises let you cool off while still working hard. Often water exercises can even use the same muscle groups you’d be using in other workouts. 

These types of exercises are also good for anyone who is healing from an injury or needs a change of pace. Whether you hop in the pool while your kids swim at the other end, or finally go to that outdoor pool you’ve been meaning to go, now is the time to try water exercises. Since swimming and water exercises are low-impact, your time in the pool will also be friendly to your bones and joints. This makes water workouts a favorite of the aging population, because they build strength, endurance, and stamina, without putting stress on their bones and joints. 

While swimming may be top of mind when thinking about water exercises, it is by no means the only water exercise. Since there is such a wide variety, there is something that everyone will enjoy. 


Even though we said swimming isn’t the only water exercise, it’s definitely one of the best. Swimming is a cardio workout, just like running and cycling, so this sport is an excellent choice when considering how to cross-train for cardio. It also works a different set of muscles. Swimming uses more upper body strength than lower body strength, so it counterbalances other forms of cardio really well. 

Not only is it great for your muscles, but swimming can also benefit your heart and lung health. This may seem surprising because when you think of swimming, you likely think of holding your breath. When you’re swimming, though, you have to be very measured in your breathing, which strengthens your heart and helps your body use oxygen more efficiently

To really improve your swimming, especially if you want to start swimming in competition or competing in triathlons, using swim tools like paddles, flippers, pull buoys, and kickboards can help you improve your form. 

For this activity, you need to find a pool that has lap swimming. Many community fitness centers and YMCAs have pools available to use. You’ll just want to check the schedule and make sure lanes aren’t reserved for other fitness classes or swim teams. 

Water Aerobics 

Water aerobics classes are often some of the most-attended classes at gyms and other fitness facilities. In a water aerobics class, you’ll get your heart pumping while listening to music. Water aerobics is definitely good for anyone who is interested in trying water exercises, but isn’t ready for swimming or deep water workouts. Most often, you will be able to touch the floor of the pool.  

These classes include cardio and strength training, and often use equipment like pool weights to help attendees build their strength and increase fitness. Because this activity is so low-impact and doesn’t require swimming or being in the deep end of the pool, it’s very popular with seniors and pregnant women. But, don’t feel like you have to be a senior or pregnant woman to join the fun! Water aerobics classes are often open to anyone. 

Deep Water Running

Deep water running is a great exercise, especially for runners! This exercise is exactly what it sounds like. You run in deep water, keeping your head afloat. When you run, keep the same form you would when running on solid ground. The resistance of the water will help you build muscle and tone — but you’re still getting a cardio workout! 

This type of workout would be really beneficial for a runner who is coming off an injury or a runner who is looking to cross-train once or twice a week. Just keep in mind that deep water running will likely exhaust your muscles faster than running on solid ground, but your joints will thank you for the reprieve! Definitely try this out next time you need a break or find yourself near a pool. 

Aqua Zumba 

Are you a dance fanatic? Do you love going to your Zumba and other dance classes? Aqua Zumba takes the fun of a Zumba workout and brings it to the pool. Just like in water aerobics, Aqua Zumba often takes place in the shallower end of the pool so participants can stand up. 

You will still follow the instructor’s movements, but the pace may be slower than a typical Zumba class because the water adds resistance to your workout. This workout will help you build strength and get your heart beating. 

You can often find Aqua Zumba classes at community pools and fitness centers, so don’t be afraid to take a dip and start dancing! 

Circuit Training

Are you spending the day by the pool wondering when you will get your strength workout in? Consider circuit training at the pool. The pool, its architecture, and the water combined will help you have the perfect workout. 

Exercises like squats, tricep dips, mountain climbers, jumping jacks, lunges, and more can all be done in or around the pool. By using the water as a tool you can continue to gain muscle, even without weights. Knowing that you can design your own circuit training for the water will be a tool in your back pocket that you can whip out whenever you have another long day by the pool. 

Since many circuit training exercises can be tiring, make sure you have someone with you to make sure you are okay. Accidents happen — even in the shallow end — and you don’t want to get injured by working too hard! This is especially important when using an outdoor pool in the heat of the day. 

How effective are water exercises? 

Tracking your progress overtime is the best way to see the effectiveness of any workout. To see changes in your body composition and body fat percentage, try using a tool like the ZOZOFIT app in combination with the ZOZOSUIT. When wearing the suit, the app uses 3D body scanning technology to create a mesh of your body so you can see muscle gains and losses, as well as increases or decreases to your body fat percentage. 

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