3 Aerobic Exercises for the Upper Body

3 Aerobic Exercises for the Upper Body

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Want to give the legs a rest and do aerobic exercise upper body movements? Here are some moves to strengthen your cardiovascular system and your upper body.

Whether you’re dealing with lower body injuries or you simply want to strengthen your upper body, there are aerobic exercise upper body moves that work well. Here are a few great examples of upper-body aerobic exercises and how to do them.

ZOZOFIT understands that aerobic exercises are important for general health. Doing them regularly can help you keep your weight in check, increase your stamina, and reduce your health risks.

Many aerobic exercises involve your lower body quite a bit but may not be as effective for strengthening the upper body. However, what if your lower body already gets plenty of exercise and your upper body is weak? Perhaps you’re recovering from a lower-body injury and can only do exercises with your upper half. In either of these scenarios, you can try aerobic exercise upper body options.

Aerobic Exercise Upper Body Moves

Many people spend a good portion of their days walking around and moving their legs. However, they may not get as much exercise for their upper body. If this sounds like you, here are three moves you can do to challenge and strengthen your upper body while you get the full-body benefits of aerobic exercise.

1. Arm Ergometer Exercises

An arm ergometer is one of the best options for engaging in upper-body aerobic exercise. It’s basically a stationary arm bike that doesn’t require leg use at all. Some gyms have these types of bikes, or you can purchase one for your home gym. To use it, sit upright in the seat and grip the handles. Begin pedaling with your arms. Increase the resistance as needed to get the workout intensity you want.

2. Arm Circles

Arm circles are a great aerobic exercise upper body option. They are intensely aerobic, but they also help build muscle strength and endurance. If you’re able to stand, it’s easiest to perform this exercise from a standing position. You can also do it from a seated position as long as the chair you’re sitting on doesn’t have any armrests.

To perform the exercise, begin with large, forward arm circles. Slowly decrease the size of the circles until your arms are directly out to the sides making small, tight circles. Try to work up to a couple of minutes of forward arm circles and a couple of minutes of backward arm circles.

3. Rope Slams

If you’re looking for a highly effective aerobic exercise upper body move, try rope slams. They’ll get your heart rate up in no time and will help tone and strengthen the muscles of your upper body.

To perform them, pick up the ends of two battling ropes. Spread your legs about hip-width apart or a little wider. Tighten your core and begin slamming one rope at a time into the ground. Pick up your speed until you’re continuously alternating between rope slams.

This workout will tax your aerobic and strength limits to the max. Opt for just eight sets, then rest for up to 30 seconds before doing another set of eight. The intensity of this workout provides a very high metabolic payout.

Track Your Progress While You Do Aerobic Exercise Upper Body Workouts

It’s hard to keep up with a challenging fitness routine unless you can see the progress you’re making. To get accurate measurements while doing aerobic exercise upper body workouts, download the ZOZOFIT app. ZOZOFIT provides users with highly precise body measurements and helps you visualize your progress so you stay motivated to transform your body composition, increase your muscle gains, and more. 

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