Tips For Staying Positive During Your Fitness Journey

Tips For Staying Positive During Your Fitness Journey

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It’s no secret that maintaining fitness is hard work. It takes grit and determination, and comes with both great rewards and frustrating setbacks. Some days it’s hard to get off the couch and hit the pavement and other days your fifth workout of the week feels like a slog. 

You’re not alone. For all of the great things your fitness routine will bring you, sometimes it’s hard to see those good things in the midst of a grueling CrossFit session. ZOZOFIT knows that staying positive during your fitness journey will not only help you see the good in the fitness itself, but also motivate you to better yourself — and your personal fitness. 

The power of “good vibes” cannot be understated. These tips for staying positive during your fitness journey will help you beat the slog and continue to train and see improvements.

Focus on the progress

Everyday, no matter what you think about your performance, you’re making progress. Staying positive means focusing on the progress and not getting bogged down in the details and mishaps. Figure out the best way for you to track your progress. This could mean using a fitness tracking app, spreadsheet, or even a calendar. 

Fitness tracking apps are great if you’re pursuing any kind of distance goals. You might consider a spreadsheet if you want to keep a log of the body measurements you took with the ZOZOFIT app. If your goal is to workout five days a week, just mark off days on the calendar! 

Whatever you decide to do, make sure you set aside time to look over your progress and see how far you’ve come. There’s nothing better than being able to look at where you started and then see how much progress you’ve made overtime. Stay positive and know your progress can continue!

Reward yourself 

Now that you’re focusing on the progress, it’s important to reward yourself for meeting your fitness goals and a job well done. Not everyone likes the same rewards, so think about what kind of reward would help you stay positive and motivate you the most. 

While indulging in delicious food is a popular reward for many, there are numerous other ways to gather those good vibes. If you need specialized equipment for your exercise of choice, maybe reward yourself with new, upgraded equipment. If you’re all about experiences, give yourself an extra beach day over the summer or buy tickets to that movie you wanted to see. 

Just make sure that rewards stay special so that they’re effective — you don’t want to oversaturate yourself with rewards!

Remember what you’re working toward 

Did you pencil in a big race or competition? Keep that destination in mind to stay positive when you’re struggling with hard workouts or a lack of motivation. 

Imagining yourself on the podium can improve your mood and help you work harder in your fitness sessions. If you haven’t registered for a race or competition, consider this a nudge to do so! Knowing that you have an event in the future can be the positivity you need to keep going and trust the process.

Celebrate big (and little) wins and improvements 

Don’t forget to celebrate any big wins and improvements no matter if they’re during a race or in training. Every pound you lose and every 30 seconds you shave off of your mile run time is a huge milestone in your training. ZOZOFIT can even help you track how your body transforms through its 3D body scanning technology.

Recognizing you have improved is important; never downplay your achievements. Use these as a motivator and beacon of positivity as you continue your training. Often, it’s so easy to think that we haven’t progressed in any meaningful way, so we have to be aware that sometimes we get too in our head. 

By maintaining a healthy, positive mindset, you’ll be able to see both your big and little wins as important and motivators for moving forward in your training. 

Know that obstacles are part of the process

Setbacks happen — that’s just a fact of life. Whether in the form of injury, illness, or just a bad training day, we’re all going to face obstacles during our training. If you let them, these obstacles can tear you down and make it harder for you to get up the next day (or when you’re better) to keep going. 

Even if you have to take some time off due to an injury or illness, make a plan for how you’ll get back into your fitness plan. You might also try to find alternatives to your normal exercise to keep yourself moving and also get in the right mindset to overcome the obstacle. 

Get an accountability partner

One of the best ways to stay positive is to have someone there to keep you accountable and working hard. An accountability partner (or group!) will be your partner in success throughout your training. 

When you’re feeling down or unmotivated to keep going, reach out to your accountability partner for advice — or even schedule a workout session to do together! You don’t have to go through your training alone, and you shouldn’t, especially if you are working hard. 

Training with other athletes will motivate you to push through and stay positive during even the hardest workouts. You can even share your progress on the ZOZOFIT app with your partner along the way.

Schedule recovery time

Scheduling recovery time doesn’t seem like an obvious tip to stay positive during your fitness, but your body will thank you for taking the time to rest and recuperate after a hard workout. 

Recovery will prevent injuries and give you a much-needed break, both of which will help you keep a positive mindset. Remember that recovery doesn’t mean just sitting on the couch — use this time to stretch, ice, and go on leisurely walks. 

Commit to enjoying the journey

There’s a reason you’re committed to your fitness and all of the success and hardships that come with it. Your fitness journey is exactly that — your fitness journey. No matter what you’re doing, remember that you chose this path, remember what you’re working toward, and remember to enjoy the fitness journey you’re on. 

A huge part of having a positive mindset is just reframing your own thoughts and seeing the good in what you’re doing. ZOZOFIT can even help you track your progress. And if you follow these tips for staying positive, you’ll be able to stay in control in your fitness journey.

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