5 Ways to Get Beach Ready For This Summer

5 Ways to Get Beach Ready For This Summer

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Summer is almost here and with it comes long, hot days — and beach vacations. Talk of getting a “beach body” is everywhere this time of year, with fitness influencers and magazines all publishing their 12-week beach body training plans. 

The truth is, though, that getting a beach body doesn’t just mean 12 weeks of intense circuit workouts or weight loss plans. Instead, use this Spring to get beach ready by doing what works for you to feel comfortable in your body and show it off on the sand. 

While none of these tips are quick fixes, they are sure to help you feel your best during your next trip to the beach! 

Identify Your Insecurities & Make a Plan

Getting the perfect beach body can sometimes come with a lot of baggage — or cause emotions that you didn’t even know you felt to surface. 

So, when making a plan to get beach ready for this summer, explore what is causing those feelings and make action steps to target those insecurities.

If you’re unhappy with how your stomach looks, maybe it’s time to focus on fat burning and workouts that target your abs. Not proud of your arms? Seek workouts that can strengthen and tone your arms. 

Making a plan will give you something to work toward. Consider tracking your progress with the ZOZOFIT app to see how your measurements change overtime. Seeing progress toward your goal can boost your confidence — and confidence is a key part in being beach ready for the summer. 

Eat a Mindful Diet and Hydrate 

One of the best things you can do to get beach ready — and stay beach ready — is maintain a healthy diet and hydrate!

The spring and summer seasons are a great time for delicious food. Instead of picking up canned or frozen fruits and veggies from the supermarket, check out a local farmers market and pick out some tasty foods that came right from the field. 

Choosing good foods can decrease bloating and inflammation. Berries and tropical fruits like papayas, kiwi, and pineapples are especially good choices. They are also delicious sweet treats for a hot summer day. Avocados (time to break out the guac!) and cucumbers are also great snack options. 

In tandem with eating well, make sure you are staying hydrated. Drink lots of water, especially as the days begin to get warmer. Being hydrated can also reduce any bloating and make you feel better in your own skin. 

While you may be used to having beers or seltzer waters like La Croix on the beach, consider switching up your drink to an infused water or iced green tea, which will hydrate you and keep your tummy happy. 

Tone with Strength Training 

Strength training is something you will want to lean on when getting beach ready for this summer. With strength workouts you have the opportunity to target specific muscle groups where you want to see the most change. When you gain muscle, your body will look more defined regardless if you have lost weight.

You don’t have to be a strength training expert, either. Whether you want to hit the free weights at the gym — though be sure to have a spotter if you do this — or only have time for a 20-minute body weight workout a couple of times a week at home, you will be able to tone and define your body. 

Nervous about traditional strength training? You can also try strength building yoga. Vinyasa classes or any class that focuses on functional movement will build strength through holding key poses and building balance.

When starting out, think about what muscle groups you want to target. Getting defined abs — or decreasing body fat in the stomach — is a popular summer body choice, but you can personalize your strength training to see results where you want to see them. 

Try Some Cardio

Take up a cardio workout to burn fat and improve your cardiovascular health. While cardio itself may not get you the results you want if your goal is to look slimmer or more toned, cardio workouts are known to help burn fat, improve heart rate, build endurance, and improve your mental health. The combination of these things are a surefire win for getting beach ready. 

Sometimes, though, it’s difficult to choose what kind of cardio to do. Usually when we think of cardio, our minds jump right to running, jogging, and walking, but there are so many more options. Sure, lace up your sneakers and hit the sidewalk (or treadmill) if you want to run, but if that’s not your jam try something else. 

Dancing, playing sports, climbing stairs, cycling, and using an elliptical are all forms of cardio that you might enjoy. Once you find what you like, plan out how to balance your strength training with your chosen form of cardio. 

An added bonus to getting ready for the beach with cardio workouts? You’ll definitely be able to take long walks along the shoreline and join that game of beach volleyball. 

Buy a swimsuit you love! 

Often forgotten when thinking about how to get beach ready for the summer is the importance of a swimsuit that you’ll love and feel confident in. 

Instead of being disappointed with how you look in a string bikini, it’s better to explore options that have more coverage for areas you’d like to camouflage. For women who still want to work on toning their abdominal area before showing it off, a high-waisted or super high-waisted bottom can be your friend. 

Pro tip? Wearing your ZOZOSUIT and using the ZOZOFIT app’s 3D body scanning technology will take incredibly accurate body measurements. You can use those same body measurements to find the perfect swimsuit online using a store’s size guide! 

Being ready for the beach isn’t always about losing weight and trying to match what you see online and in magazines. It’s really about making a plan and working on yourself because you want to see improvements in your health and fitness and then show off your improved fitness at the beach this summer.

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