How Swimming Can Help You Lose Weight

How Swimming Can Help You Lose Weight

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One of the most important things to do on a weight loss journey is figure out what exercise suits you best. Here's a look at how swimming can help you lose weight.

Swimming for weight loss is a fun activity that offers many health benefits. For those who struggle to work out due to aching joints, physical limitations or ongoing injuries, swimming is a great way to increase fitness levels with relative ease.

One of the most important things to do on a weight loss journey is figure out what kind of movement your body likes. Everyone is different and has varying preferences on what the best kind of exercise is. What’s great, though, is that many physical activities can promote weight loss. 

Swimming, while it may be inaccessible to some because it requires a pool or safe open water area, can boost weight loss when in combination with a supportive diet. 

Why Swimming is a Great Exercise Option

Swimming is one of the best cardio options, especially for people who have dealt with injuries in the past. It is incredibly low-impact, unlike running, so it is better for your joints. 

Because of these reasons, swimming is also good for all ages and all genders. Many older folks who may not be able to run or do other high-impact activities can still dip in the pool and work on their fitness. 

Additionally, swimming will help you build muscle while boosting fat loss potential. Building muscle means you will burn more calories even when you’re not working out, which is a huge boon to weight loss goals. And, even though muscle weighs more than fat, you will decrease body fat percentage and tone your body so you look slimmer. Remember that weight loss doesn’t always mean the number on the scale will go down. Sometimes, even with the right diet and exercise plan, your weight might stay relatively the same, but you will be making improvements. 

Tracking your progress, especially with a tool like the ZOZOFIT app, can help you see what you’re doing is working. With ZOZOFIT’s 3D body scanning technology, you can see your body change overtime and how you benefit from your increased exercise.

Common Swimming Equipment for Beginners

If you want to start swimming to lose weight, you just need pool access and a few pieces of gear: swimsuit, swim cap, and goggles. While a swim cap and goggles aren’t required to enjoy swimming as exercise, they definitely make it easier. 

While you might just want to hop in the pool and get started, consider working on your form in order to make your sessions as effective as possible. Even though many people learn how to swim when they are younger, we don’t always have the best form, which can lead to strained muscles and make swimming harder than it needs to be. Equipment like pull buoys, kickboards, flippers, and swim puddles can help you correct your form. Many lap swimming pools have these tools available for swimmers. 

Anyone who wants extra guidance on swimming can reach out to a coach and look for adult swimming classes at their local gym. In these sessions, you can work on form and improve your form. 

Swimming Workout for Weight Loss

Once you have the equipment you need and are ready to get in the pool, it’s time to start swimming. 

For beginners, swimming intervals will be the best option. To start, swim one lap (down and back) and rest for 30 seconds. Repeat this 4 times, and then take a longer break. You can repeat this cycle a number of times, but once you feel fatigue, then it’s time to stop.

Fatigue looks different for everyone, but in swimming you may notice you can’t stay in proper form or one of your arms (or shoulders) is working harder than the other. 

You can mix up your intervals by swimming two laps instead of one or utilizing kickboards and/or pull buoys in different laps. As you build strength and endurance, swimming more laps without a break allows you to improve your stamina. 

When swimming, you need to pick the stroke that works best for you. Most people prefer to swim freestyle, but if you want to swim breaststroke or backstroke, you definitely can.

Unlike some other activities, becoming a better, stronger swimmer is less about how long your swim session is and more about how many days a week you can get in the water. Consistency is key to understanding how swimming can help you lose weight. If you only go once a week, you won’t have enough exercise and you’ll begin to lose swimming fitness. 

Building your fitness is one of the things that most contributes to the weight loss and calorie-burning potential of swimming. Because swimming requires time in the pool and developing a habit, it is the trusted workout regimen for many looking for a new avenue to exercise. 

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