How To Stay Consistent With Working Out

How To Stay Consistent With Working Out

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Are you ready to start an exercise program but wonder how to stay consistent with working out? When it comes to meeting your fitness goals, learning how to stay consistent with working out is key. Get the tips and tricks to keep you motivated and on track.

You have big plans when it comes to improving your fitness level and overall health, but how do you stay consistent to get the results you want? Fortunately, there are some simple ways to keep yourself motivated and accountable so you can reach your goals.

Are you ready to start an exercise program but wonder how to stay consistent with working out? The good news is you absolutely can build positive habits that keep you on track with meeting your fitness goals. Learn how to create an exercise routine that works for you, plus fun ways to keep yourself driven.

How To Stay Consistent With Working Out: The Problem

Many people have good intentions when they decide to exercise consistently but then start to find excuses for why they can’t follow through. Common justifications for avoiding a scheduled session include not having enough time, being too tired, finding the exercise too hard, and so on.

If this sounds like you, examine the excuses you tend to give more closely to find clues as to what is stopping you. If you feel too tired at the end of the day, try working out in the morning. If you can’t seem to find the time, divide your workout time into smaller sessions. For those who feel exercise is too hard, maybe you need to find a different activity that you enjoy and that is appropriate for your current level of fitness.

Tips and Tricks for Staying Consistent With Your Workout Regimen

Start small and slowly build healthy habits you can stick to with these suggestions.

Get the Right Mindset

Managing your mindset is a big part of staying consistent. You have to psych yourself up into a good mood to find the motivation you need to create real change. Manage your expectations and stay kind to yourself. Be patient as well. It takes time to see results, but your efforts are worthwhile.

Create a Schedule 

Finding the time to exercise is a common roadblock for many people. Plan it into your day in advance so you carve out the time to complete your workout consistently. Add it to your calendar. Set a reminder on your phone. Creating a schedule ensures you prioritize your exercise time.

Stay Realistic

One of the biggest contributing factors for how to stay consistent with your workout regimen is being realistic. It’s easy to get caught up in plans of completely restructuring your life, from eating a healthier diet to exercising every day. However, the reality is that trying to stick to big changes is difficult. You are better off examining your life to find small ways you can incorporate changes you can easily adapt to.

Think about how much time you have to work out, which days of the week you have free time, where you will exercise, and other logistics. Avoid the all-or-nothing attitude and let yourself gradually shift into your new lifestyle.

Make It Fun

Forcing yourself to go through the motions of a workout you hate is not sustainable. Exercise doesn’t have to be drudgery. There are plenty of activities you can try to get in regular physical movement. Try out as many different ones as you need to find what you like.

Make your exercise time more enjoyable by playing music. Put together a playlist of your favorite high-energy songs to get your blood pumping. Soon, just hitting play can put you in the mood to work out.

Switch Up Your Routine

No matter how much you love an activity, doing it day after day can get boring. Ideally, find a few different workouts that you enjoy and mix them up to keep it interesting. You could join a sports team on the weekends, take an exercise class at your local gym, or try martial arts.

If you prefer, you can find plenty of options for various exercise regimens from home using your body weight and objects around the house. Yoga can be done with or without props like blankets and straps. Wall exercises require no equipment and use your body weight to deliver an effective workout.

Try Mini Workouts

Fit your workout into your lifestyle more easily by breaking it up into smaller chunks throughout the day. Instead of struggling to find the time or energy to get in a full workout, aim for three 10-minute bursts of activity spaced out over your day.

You could start your morning with some yoga, go for a walk over your lunch break, and do some weight training in the evening as you watch TV. If you find the idea of a lengthier workout intimidating, this is the tactic for you to try.

Work Out With a Friend

Joining forces with a buddy brings a social element to exercise that makes it more fun. Plus, you’re more likely to show up when you have someone else counting on you. Find a friend with similar fitness goals and work together to pursue your goals.

Track Your Progress

Seeing how far you’ve come from your starting point is excellent motivation. Make sure to track your progress. Also, take note of the type and intensity of the exercises you do. It might surprise you how much stamina you have built when you notice your reps and sets increase over time.

Celebrate Yourself

Reward yourself for reaching goals, both small and large, by having a little celebration to honor your achievement. Plan a fun night out or reward yourself by buying a new outfit or an item you’ve had your eye on. Taking note of the milestones gives you something to look forward to as you push yourself. You can even use ZOZOFIT's goal-setting feature on the app to help you track your progress.

How To Stay Consistent With Working Out: The Solution

When you're wondering how to stay consistent with working out, these tips can help you stay on task. You can optimize your results even more by using the ZOZOFIT app to track your shape's transformation. Use the app to take your measurements before you begin your workout routine and take subsequent scans to see your progress in side-by-side scan comparisons.

Having accurate data right at your fingertips with the ZOZOFIT app so that you can see the results of your hard work is an excellent strategy to help you keep an eye on your progress and drive you to continue working out.

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