How a Personal Trainer Uses the ZOZOSUIT and ZOZOFIT App

How a Personal Trainer Uses the ZOZOSUIT and ZOZOFIT App

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When you use your ZOZOSUIT and the ZOZOFIT app, you get incredible data about your fitness progress. When you share this data with a personal trainer, you can get even better feedback on how to achieve your fitness goals

For Rodney Lozier, Functional Strength Coach and CEO/Founder of LIVEFREELIVE WELL, fitness and being active has always been part of his life. 

“I come from a family that is very active. My mom was always in the gym and my sister was also dancing, so I got into fitness at a young age,” he said. 

After spending years enjoying a multitude of athletic activities, Rodney earned his personal trainer certification 12 years ago, and now uses the ZOZOSUIT and ZOZOFIT app with his clients because it’s accurate, effective, and prevents feelings of shame around the body. 

Why use the ZOZOSUIT and ZOZOFIT App? 

With the ZOZOFIT app, trainers can easily get important data about their clients’ fitness journeys without relying on old methods that can be inaccurate and, in some cases, embarrassing or uncomfortable for their clients. 

The ease of use is one of the major draws of ZOZOFIT

“I was surprised how easy the app makes it [to get measurements], how accurate it is, and how easy to follow it is. I love that the app has the little trailers at the beginning to really explain how the process works. I think it’s dummy proof,” Rodney said. 

When something is as easy and accurate as the ZOZOSUIT and ZOZOFIT app, it lets the focus to be completely on the fitness — and not figuring out how to make sure you’re taking measurements the same way every time with a measuring tape or tracking progress with weight, which can often be inaccurate in regard to fitness progress.  

“It’s a really nice tool. It levels up the experience,” he said. “I’m setting myself apart from other personal trainers with this tool.” 

Tracking Client Progress 

Before ZOZOFIT, Rodney tracked client progress using a measuring tape. 

“You can only be so accurate, like, maybe this week we measured an inch lower on the side than last week and, of course, the measurements are already different,” he said. 

Maintaining accuracy is important, especially when trying to see progress over time. If the measurements are inaccurate then it will be hard to know what progress has actually been made. ZOZOFIT’s 3D body scanning technology takes the guesswork and uncertainty out of using a tape measure or other method. 

Using the ZOZOSUIT often means that clients can take their own measurements in the privacy of their own home, which is important to many people, especially because a personal trainer taking body measurements by hand can bring up discomfort and emotions of shame, guilt, and embarrassment. Feeling empowered in your fitness is an important piece of anyone’s journey to achieve their fitness goals

Working with new clients 

Rodney has also seen added benefits in using the ZOZOSUIT with new clients because it really helps him capture the full picture of a person’s fitness over their time — and ensures accurate measurements throughout the duration that they work together. 

In his work with one client, Rodney was able to see the development of muscle growth, but also the effects of things like nutrition. His client might come in after one week of indulgent eating and, together, they can see measurement increases that can be caused by bloating, water retention, or a number of other nutrition-related issues. In the same vein, the client can come in on a different week and notice upward trends of muscle growth. 

In this way, ZOZOFIT has been an excellent tool to “maintain” fitness and nutritional levels, especially since you can take measurements when they suit you and your fitness journey. 

ZOZOFIT is a new way to achieve “weight loss” 

For a long time, the pinnacle of fitness measurement came from the scale. Discussions of “weight loss” and just stepping on the scale can be very hard for some people — especially those who have faced criticism for their health and body in the past. 

Using the ZOZOFIT can provide a clearer picture of health, because it doesn’t rely on weight — which is hard to contextualize and personalize to each person. Using the ZOZOSUIT and your ZOZOFIT app, you’re able to see body fat percentage changes, as well as any changes to your body that could be caused by increased or decreased muscle mass. 

“We all know sometimes the scale doesn’t move, but it doesn’t mean you haven’t gotten leaner or you haven’t made progress because muscles are heavy, too, right? It would be a really good tool to show that maybe the scale hasn’t moved, but look, your body fat has gone down a percentage or half a percentage.” 

Using body measurements to track your workout progress is similar to the “picture method,” in which people take pictures of themselves over time to see the differences in their body. Unlike the picture method, though, 3D body scanning will give ZOZOFIT users accurate measurements that can be useful, especially when trying to see muscle gains or body fat percentage reduction.  

Who should use the ZOZOFIT app? 

As a Functional Strength Coach, Rodney enjoys using the ZOZOFIT app and ZOZOSUIT with his personal training clients because it makes their work together more effective — but it’s also a great tool for anyone at any stage in their fitness journey.

“Depending on what the client’s goal is and how deep they want to go, I’m definitely going to use and recommend this to other clients, and even friends and family,” Rodney said. “People who want to get deeper into body measurement and especially some guys who want to [track their] body fat…If I want to know if I’m at 17 or 18 percent body fat, I think that would be one reason, already, to purchase the suit.” 

If you have a personal trainer (or even a fitness-minded friend), consider sharing your measurements with them to track your progress and stay accountable to your goals. No matter where you’re at with your fitness goals, you can benefit from the ZOZOSUIT. 

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