ZOZOFIT Answers Your Top 10 Questions

ZOZOFIT Answers Your Top 10 Questions

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If you've ever wondered about ZOZOFIT and how it can help your fitness journey, we answer your top 10 questions here.

The ZOZOFIT app can be used via our subscription plans or with our ZOZOSUIT.

Embarking on a journey focused on health and wellness often sparks a multitude of questions. At ZOZOFIT, we understand the importance of addressing these queries to ensure our users feel empowered and informed throughout your fitness journey.

Whether you’re interested in why ZOZOFIT could be right for you, how the app can help you transform your body composition, want to know more about our latest features, or how to utilize the ZOZOFIT app to its fullest potential, we’ve compiled the top 10 most frequently asked questions to help you get to know ZOZOFIT better. 

First, what exactly is ZOZOFIT? 

ZOZOFIT is an app that has revolutionized body measurements by bringing the process into users’ homes, eliminating the need for expensive equipment or visits to specialized facilities. ZOZOFIT creates a 3D rendering of your body using body measurement technology, capturing 12 key measurements as well as overall body fat percentage.

Currently, there are two different ways to use ZOZOFIT: through the one-time purchase of a ZOZOSUIT (which includes unlimited scanning access), or by subscribing monthly to our app for the ability to scan in your own workout clothes and use ZOZOFIT for. limited time. The two options allow for a more personalized experience, whether you want the incredibly granular numbers our ZOZOSUIT can provide, or a more casual usage of ZOZOFIT to keep track of your body’s changes. 

Now you may ask, how can a phone capture all of these details? Utilizing advanced technology developed by our own team of engineers, our app generates an objective 3D view of your body with or without the ZOZOSUIT. ZOZOFIT relies on external information rather than x-rays or current to measure the neck, shoulders, arms, waist, hips, thighs and calves. Based on these measurements and an algorithm derived from the U.S. Navy, ZOZOFIT calculates both body fat percentage and all of our measurements in just under two minutes. 

If you’re wondering how accurate our measurements are, let us explain here. Our app extracts key measurements with an accuracy similar to a laser scanner and can achieve this level of accuracy repeatedly, eliminating the potential for human error while measuring. From our accumulated research from over 2 million ZOZOFIT scans across various environments, ZOZOFIT has been able to develop the same measurement experience without the need for additional hardware.

The accuracy of the ZOZOFIT app has a margin of error of 0.1cm with the ZOZOSUIT and 0.4cm for app-only (subscription-based) scans, depending on the location of the measurement on your body. 

Why does ZOZOFIT take these measurements?

ZOZOFIT believes that the best way to track one’s health and fitness progress is not necessarily the number on the scale or the reflection in the mirror, but rather through detailed measurements to prove that even the smallest changes represent progress. By providing users with intuitive data that reflects changes in their body shape, ZOZOFIT can better illustrate the impact of a person’s health and fitness efforts on specific body parts and their body fat percentage.

We mentioned earlier the two different methods to scan with ZOZOFIT, but how can you determine which method is best for you? The answer is completely up to you. The main difference between both of our plans is the method of scanning and payment structure. The ZOZOSUIT, a uniquely designed suit covered in a proprietary pattern of more than 15,000 fiducial markers that captures your precise body shape, is available for one-time purchase, and offers unlimited scanning.

Our app-only version is subscription-based and a simpler and more affordable option for users who do not need the precision of the ZOZOSUIT. 

It is important to note that the app-only option is currently only available for iOS users. 

ZOZOFIT’s goal is to provide the information and space for users to not only have a better understanding of their body, but a holistic view of their progress over time in a convenient way. So if you’re wondering “Okay, I’ve scanned… now what?” The answer is to find a consistent time to scan on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. After completing multiple scans, users gain access to several features within ZOZOFIT, enabling them to track their body over time. 

What are the ZOZOFIT app's features? 

In addition to capturing 12 key body measurements, we also calculate your body fat percentage (BFP) with each scan. BFP is a crucial metric for monitoring overall health and assessing one’s body composition, aiding in the evaluation of risks associated with conditions like heart disease or diabetes.

Our process utilizes the highly accurate U.S. Navy Method, known for its safety, stability, and precision in calculating BFP. Overall, measuring body fat percentage provides insights into overall health and fitness progress, enabling individuals to make informed decisions about their lifestyle habits. 

With multiple scans, you gain access to our side-by-side scan comparison feature, allowing you to compare two scans side by side. This enables you to track your progress over time and easily visualize any changes since your last scan. Additionally, you can view a comprehensive graph displaying the progress of each measurement at the bottom of your screen. As you continue to scan, these graphs become increasingly detailed, providing you with a thorough overview of your body’s changes. 

To further facilitate scan comparison, we offer an exceptional feature known as ColorMetric. This innovative tool uses a color gradient system to illustrate changes in your body over time. ColorMetric displays distinct color gradients, allowing you to swifty evaluate your progress and was designed to empower our users to visualize and track progress effectively, fostering motivation and accountability. 

Our latest innovation, the Goal Simulator, is a highly anticipated feature driven by the feedback of our dedicated ZOZOFIT community. Now, you have the power to visualize your body’s transformation journey like never before. With our interactive animated Goal Simulator, you can set personalized goals for each measurement area, seamlessly integrating them into your wellness journey.

Watch as your 3D mesh dynamically adjusts in real-time, providing a vivid representation of the changes ahead. This immersive tool empowers you to envision and strive towards your desired body transformations with confidence.

How would I actually facilitate a scan with ZOZOFIT? Are there specific instructions? 

These are excellent questions. Before initiating your first scan, you will be guided to watch ZOZOFIT’s tutorial video, detailing the scanning process and the optimal environment for accurate results. Ensure your surroundings are free of clutter or obstructions, allowing ample space for a full 360-degrees rotating. Position your phone at or slightly above waist height, ideally a table or desk, maintaining a 90 degree angle for optimal stability.

Ensure that nothing is obstructing the camera’s view of your body. Upon starting the scan, simply follow the audio prompts for rotation, and within a minute, you’ll be ready to review your results! 

Another common query often revolves around what attire is suitable for scanning. ZOZOSUIT owners have a straightforward answer to this one: make sure that the suit is wrinkle-free and properly aligned along the seams. For those who are app-only subscribers, we do have some wardrobe recommendations. 

For those utilizing our app exclusively, we recommend opting for snug-fitting garments, such as gym attire. Loose clothing can compromise the precision of your results. Additionally, it’s essential to smooth out any creases or folds in your clothing, too. For best outcomes, consider wearing monochromatic colors with minimal patterns, preferably in colors that contrast well with your background color. This ensures optimal visibility and clarity during the scanning process.

We’ve now answered 9 of your most asked questions, but there's one final question: How can I try ZOZOFIT? 

You can purchase your ZOZOFIT subscription today if you're looking to just try the app out for a limited time, or you can purchase a ZOZOSUIT so that you have access to unlimited scanning for years to come. One note: the ZOZOFIT app is currently only available for use within the United States.

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