Why Technology is the Future of Fitness

Why Technology is the Future of Fitness

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Technology has changed the fitness landscape. Since the introduction of the original FitBit, which brought fitness technology to everyone — not just those distance runners with their Garmin watches — it’s been hard to imagine a world without fitness tech. Whether you track your runs and rides on Strava, regularly use a heart rate monitor, or track your body measurements with the ZOZOSUIT, you’ve been in contact with fitness tech. 

Your Fitness, Personalized

One of the greatest outcomes of fitness technology is that we are able to get personalized insight into our fitness — sometimes even without consulting a fitness expert or coach. Most of the technology we use, whether it’s your ZOZOSUIT and ZOZOFIT app, Garmin watch, or Peloton, provides accurate and individual data. 

We all know that no two people are the same, and that no two people will respond the same way to the same workout. This idea has also been popular in recent medical research, which focuses on precision medicine. Using personalized information helps us to take into account each of the things that makes us unique. This can be especially helpful to plan the best workouts for the body fat percentage you have, your cardiovascular ability, and even complications you may have from different chronic conditions, like asthma or arthritis. 

As the technology gets more advanced, we’ll only see more personalization in the field of fitness, which can inform us — the individual — as well as trainers, coaches, fitness instructors, and other experts who will better be able to tailor workouts to what we need and what would benefit us the most. 

By optimizing our workouts, we can improve our training, and, ultimately, see results. The data we gather with fitness tracking apps will inform us on steps to take and let us see how we have progressed in our fitness overtime. 

It’s Not Just About the Data 

While the data we gather from fitness tracking apps is useful, there are other ways that technology has changed fitness, too. 

Now, more than ever before, workout plans are available online for a variety of different types of activities. Often these workouts are customizable (especially when taking into account data you may have collected) and sometimes coaches and trainers are available to consult with through apps and video chats. By removing the barrier of having to hit the gym or meet with a trainer “in real life,” personal training is now more accessible than ever before. This popularity of services like these is only growing because it allows you to fit your workouts into your life with more flexibility. 

Virtual coaching is really just the beginning. In recent years, there have been a slew of apps that utilize AI to create custom workouts. A favorite, especially among yoga practitioners, is Down Dog. This app allows you to generate a custom yoga sequence based on information you provide to the app. Down Dog has now built many apps for different types of workouts including HIIT and running. Using services like these makes it easier to do workouts at home and keep them tailored to your needs. 

Also, many of the fitness wearables released in recent years also include some kind of AI that “learns” about you to give you real-time information on how long you need to fully recover or your predicted race run time. 

Technology at Gyms and Fitness Studios 

Fitness technology has also been integrated into gyms and fitness studios to provide better service to members. Whether you’re booking a class or reserving time with a personal trainer, most of this can now be done from a website or an app, making it easier to plan out your workouts and ensure that you’ll get the class you want. While online booking may seem like a simple innovation, it has had a massive impact on gyms and studios and will likely continue to have a large impact. 

Some boutique fitness studios, especially spin cycle studios and gyms like OrangeTheory, create individual experiences in group classes. Even with all the tech, we want to make sure we still get together to exercise or train in groups, and be able to use data collected during a workout to have a personal fitness experience despite being in a class format, is a huge boon to fitness enthusiasts — and novices — everywhere 

Get Started with Fitness Technology 

Since technology is the future of fitness, it’s time to get ready for what’s coming by choosing fitness technology that aligns with your goals and lifestyle. For many, a simple fitness tracker will do the job, but as you get more serious about your fitness, you’ll want to invest in more specialized equipment. If you’re a runner or cyclist a GPS watch that can give better realtime data will be a go to, whereas someone interested in starting a home yoga practice might benefit from an app that can create yoga flows based on their needs. 


Some technological innovations in fitness are beneficial for everyone, though. Like ZOZOFIT. The ZOZOSUIT and free ZOZOFIT app are not just for those people who are interested in pursuing weight loss, but anybody looking to measure the physical changes that result from their fitness plan. 

The ZOZOFIT app uses 3D body scanning technology to get accurate measurements of your body and your body fat percentage. If you’re looking to make muscle gains, you’ll be able to see that in the app, and watch how you improve over time using our ColorMetric feature. This kind of information is also useful when making decisions on the direction to take your fitness. 

As you continue using the ZOZOFIT, you’ll not only be able to see your progress over time, but you can also compare two different scans as well as set goals in the app to give you something to work toward. Goal setting is incredibly important in fitness because it gives you a reason to keep going. 

Whatever type of fitness technology you choose to invest in, make sure it is the best for your lifestyle and your fitness journey! Technology is the future of fitness. 

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