Let ZOZOFIT Help You Get Ready for Festival Season

Let ZOZOFIT Help You Get Ready for Festival Season

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The days are longer and summer is approaching, which means festival season is right around the corner. While you’re making your festival day plans to make sure you’re able to hit all the stages and visit your favorite vendors, you should also consider your fitness — and how ZOZOFIT can get you festival ready. 

Often festivals can be long and hot, even though they are full of fun. Going to a festival also means standing for many hours and walking a lot, but, despite all of this, festivals are celebratory days filled with music, friends, delicious food and good vibes. 

When you think about how to get festival ready, fitness is probably not the first thing that comes to mind, especially if you’re in the throes of figuring out your camping logistics and finding all the essentials you need. But, a big piece of festival planning is choosing those perfect, unforgettable outfits for each day — and you’ll want to be comfortable and confident in those outfits. 

So how can ZOZOFIT help you? 

Take Initial Measurements

Using your ZOZOFIT app (and wearing your ZOZOSUIT), you can take your body measurements using our 3D body scanning technology. Before you start your fitness routine, training, workout plan, or whatever you want to call it, do an initial body scan to see your starting measurements. 

Never used the app before? No problem! ZOZOFIT will guide you through how to use it. 

Once you have your initial body measurements you can use those as a starting point for your fitness journey to help you target what will make you feel the most confident and be able to have a great time at a multi-day festival, which we all know can be physically demanding! ZOZOFIT can also help you track your body fat percentage and do side-by-side scan comparisons to give you real, quantifiable results beyond just what your scale is telling you so you know how your fitness journey is going.

At this stage, you might also start thinking about that one-of-a-kind outfit you want to wear. If you have the different components, consider trying it on now and thinking about how you feel. Do you feel confident while wearing the outfit? If not, why? Think about what would make you more confident: do you need to go up a size in your shorts so they fit better? Do you want to tone your arms so you like how they look in your tank top? 

Also, it’s not just about the outfit. Using your ZOZOFIT, you can also track muscle gains to see how you are growing stronger in preparation for 12-hour days on your feet, lots of walking, and other strength-requiring activities like lifting friends on your shoulders, lugging around that giant bottle of water all day, and — of course — hours upon hours of dancing! 

As you go through your fitness journey, remember to keep track of your progress. ZOZOFIT is a health tracking app; take regular measurements in your ZOZOSUIT and see how your body changes over time. You’ll be able to notice any muscle gains you might have, as well as changes in your body fat percentage. Use the ZOZOFIT app as your guide to see the progress that you will make. 

Just remember, your festival fitness journey is all about you! 

What does festival fitness training look like? 

It really depends on what your goals are, but there are definitely some basics to keep in mind. You will want to pay good attention to ensuring that you diversify your fitness during this period — just focusing on cardio or just focusing on strength training won’t cut it. 

Being at a festival is like a full body workout, so you will want to pursue your fitness as holistically as possible! You will want to consider your diet and hydration. This doesn’t mean you have to go on a diet, but it does mean paying better attention to what you’re eating so that you can prepare for fun, and sometimes chaotic, days at the festival. 


Cardio is going to be your best friend during these weeks (or months) leading up to the festival, because, after all, dance is just a form of cardio. If you can increase your cardiovascular health, you’ll be more in shape and ready to spend the day walking around. 

Great forms of cardio include walking, running and jogging, cycling, and dancing (you can never get enough time to practice your signature moves!). 

Strength Training 

Once you know what you’ll be doing for cardio, it’s time to think about strength training. You’ll definitely want to focus on your legs and glutes because standing and dancing will easily exhaust these muscles. Also make sure to do exercises that target your back (which can get fatigued from standing) and your arms for all of the crowd surfers you’ll be passing through the crowd. 

If you don’t have equipment or a gym membership, an affordable strength workout would be to do bodyweight exercises. Otherwise, feel free to hit the weights or the weight machines!

Stretching & Yoga 

Your body will be sore. There is no question about that. When you’re standing all day, dancing, and working up a sweat in a myriad of other ways, your muscles are working overtime. Before the big festival, start incorporating a regular stretching practice into your daily routine that will help relieve your muscles after a long day. 

Choosing a regular yoga practice will not only improve your flexibility and relieve soreness in your muscles, but also build strength through long pose holds and other poses that challenge your body. 

Eat Well & Stay Hydrated

What’s the most important thing in preparing for a festival? Eating well and staying hydrated! In the weeks leading up to the festival, be conscious of what you’re eating and be sure to choose nutritious, life-boosting foods that will keep you energized and ready for hours outside in the sun. As you’re eating well, also think about snacks that you might want to bring with you for the road trip or your campsite. 

Drinking water might be the single best thing you can do to prepare to go to a festival. Hydration starts before the festival — and should continue throughout the festival and after. Go after water to hydrate and as you sweat, choose liquids that contain electrolytes and other important minerals that your body needs to keep going!

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