How Quickie Workouts Can Boost Your Health and Wellness

How Quickie Workouts Can Boost Your Health and Wellness

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ZOZOFIT knows that sometimes it’s difficult to fit a workout into a schedule filled with hustle and bustle. How are you supposed to do an hour workout plus have time to get ready for work? How do those moms go to workout classes and still make it in time for the school pick up line? 

We’ve all heard that we’re supposed to get 150 minutes of moderate activity and do two strength sessions every week, but there are days, weeks, and months where that doesn’t even feel possible.  

Often fitness enthusiasts, and even beginners, can get caught up in what we’re supposed to or should be doing, and likely your visions of the perfect workout include long, intense training sessions. This is just an idea that we hold in our heads, though. Workouts do not have to be long and strenuous to improve our health and wellness. 

Even short workouts can have huge impacts on our health and wellness. Plus, it’s super easy to incorporate short workouts into your daily routine so that you can live a more well-rounded fitness lifestyle. Understanding how quickie workouts can boost your health and wellness is just the next step in your fitness journey. 

What are the benefits of quick workouts? 

There are so many benefits to incorporating quick workouts into your lifestyle. Not only is it easy to fit a quick workout into a packed schedule, but often these quick workouts can give you the energy you need to keep moving through your day. Just a few minutes of exercise can make a huge difference. 

Getting up and getting moving can boost your mood and energy levels, which is a huge boon for those mid-afternoon sleepies when it’s too late for caffeine, but you can’t take a nap. 

Quick workouts can also help you build muscle and strength, improve your cardiovascular health, and improve your quality of sleep. Each of these things is incredibly important to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

If you’re new to fitness, then quick workouts are also a great way to ease yourself into a more dedicated training plan. Starting small is important when starting a fitness journey, because working too hard too soon could lead to injury and other adverse effects. 

The main takeaway? Don’t sleep on quick workouts. Start making time for short bursts of activity throughout the day to boost your training and take control of your health. 

Types of Quick Workouts

Interested in doing quickie workouts to boost your health and wellness, but unsure which type of workouts would be best for your health and wellness? What you decide to do will really depend on your individual fitness goals, as well as how much time you have on hand. Also consider your location because if you’re at the office, you might not have the equipment for a quick weight lifting session. 

Some options for quick workouts include: 

  • Short walks or runs: If you work a desk job, then incorporating short walks and runs can be an excellent quick workout to fit into your schedule. Especially now that so many people work remotely, people overall spend less time out of their desk chairs. Your walks or runs could be only 5-10 minutes and still make a huge difference. Consider this quick workout if you’d like to get your steps in and your heart pumping. 
  • Bodyweight exercises: Bodyweight exercises are some of the most accessible strength training there is because you don’t need any equipment. Doing short spurts of strength training throughout the day can help you build muscle. It might be helpful to come up with short strength routines that focus on different muscle groups so you can ensure you are working everything evenly. 
  • High-intensity interval training (HIIT): While HIIT can be part of a long workout, you could also do a short HIIT session if you have time to fit 20-30 minutes in before you move on to the next thing. So many quick HIIT workouts can easily be done from home for maximum ease and less stress. Quick HIIT workouts would be the optimal choice for anyone working on improving their cardio and burning fat. 
  • Stretching and yoga: While stretching and yoga may not seem like “workouts,” both are incredibly important to remain injury free. When stretching you can provide your muscles with some much-needed recovery. Stretching can also be done anywhere! If you’re interested in a short yoga session, you can choose to focus on building strength, balance, or even restoration. Let this workout also benefit your mind and get you grounded for the rest of your day. 
  • Circuit training: Ready to turn up the intensity in 30 minutes or less? Circuit training will have you repeating sets of workouts for a certain time period before switching. During circuit training you will definitely get sweaty, but this is a workout that is much easier to squeeze into your day — and it can be done at home, so you don’t have to worry about commuting to the gym and back home.

Of course, there are also other options for quick workouts. As always, think about what your fitness goals are and use that knowledge to decide which quick workouts will work best with your training plan. 

Tracking Your Training & Progress

Don’t just listen to us — track your progress to see just how quick workouts can boost your health and wellness! Tracking your progress is so important. When we see our improvements overtime that lets us know that we are on the right track and also motivates us to continue with our training plan and see even more improvements in the future. 

It’s also important to keep track of your training. If you have a fitness app, we’d recommend adding in your workouts so you can see what you have done and that should help you remember what you enjoyed and what seemed to be working well. If you don’t have a fitness tracking app, you could use a journal or a spreadsheet to log this information. 

Using ZOZOFIT to Track Your Progress

 A great way to track your progress without relying on the scale is through the ZOZOFIT app. The ZOZOFIT app takes your body measurements and calculates your body fat percentage when you wear your ZOZOSUIT and use the app’s 3D body scanning technology.

With the ZOZOFIT app, you can see how your body fat percentage and measurements change overtime, which will give you an idea of how these quick workouts are improving your overall fitness. As you look back on your past measurements, you will be able to see your progress toward your fitness goals!

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