Best Ways to Workout Without Working Out

Best Ways to Workout Without Working Out

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We all live busy lives. It often seems like we’re jumping from one thing to the next without a lot of time in between — especially now that office jobs mean remote work and back-to-back meetings. The more sedentary lives we’re living now can have an impact on our fitness levels, but there are still ways to workout without working out. 

Cultivating your own fitness lifestyle means finding little ways to stick to your training. Though the changes may be small, they’ll show up as you track your progress with your ZOZOFIT app and ZOZOSUIT or other health tracking apps

Whether you just need to get out of your desk chair for a little bit or you want to get your heart rate pumping outside of your planned workout sessions, the following activities are the best ways to improve your fitness without working out. 

Use the stairs

We all know that we should take the stairs, but there’s a reason this advice keeps getting passed around! Taking the stairs — whether it’s one flight or ten — strengthens your legs and your cardio. Throughout your day, keep an eye on where you might find stairs. 

Make it a goal to skip the elevator in the office and park on the top floor of parking garages to really maximize your use of the stairs. If you spend most of your days at home, stop leaving things that need to go upstairs in the stairwell — just take them immediately! 

While this may be hard at first — especially if you aren’t used to taking the stairs so often — you’ll soon find it’s a great way to build your fitness level everyday. 

Take a walk

Use your lunch break to get some sunshine by taking a walk. Although walking is exercise, it doesn’t feel like it. You can walk at a leisurely pace or do some power-walking for about 10-15 minutes to effectively get your heart rate up (and your steps in). 

Invite a coworker, roommate, partner, or even your dog to join you and spend the time in conversation. If you decide to start taking walks, maybe choose some neighborhood landmarks that are worth walking to like a Little Free Library, pond or lake, or a house with a beautiful, blooming garden. This will add a little soul nourishment to your stroll around the neighborhood. 

If you want a little more, schedule a hike or nature walk with friends. It will be a great hangout and you’ll see some awesome views. 

Have a dance break 

Dancing is an underrated form of exercise, and one that often doesn’t get mentioned in adulthood. But, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be dancing. Put on some wireless headphones or turn up your speaker and just do whatever your body wants to do. Dancing truly is a full-body experience, so it’s one of the best ways to work out without working out. 

Sometimes it’s easy to feel embarrassed dancing, even when no one else is around, so dancing can also be beneficial for your self-confidence and comfort in your own skin.   

Use a standing or treadmill desk 

Purchasing a standing or treadmill desk is an investment, but those who use them swear by them and for good reason. These types of desks bring fitness into your normal work routine. 

While you may not burn more calories just by standing, being upright will allow you the opportunity to do little strengthening exercises like toe raises or balance poses. A treadmill desk, on the other hand, will keep you moving while you field emails, take meetings, and update documents. 

Not interested in standing? Consider getting an under-desk elliptical or bike pedal.

Commute via bike 

Achieve (or supplement) your fitness resolution by using your bike to commute. If you live in an area where it is safe to bike, then fill up those tires and grab a helmet! While your commute may last a bit longer running on human power, you won’t face the stress or discomfort of waiting in long lines of traffic. 

Once you start biking for transportation, reaching for your bike will become automatic. 

Clean up

Cleaning may not be fun, but it does get your heart pumping. Not only is this one of the best ways to get exercise without really exercising, it also spruces up your living space to make you feel good inside and out. 

Put in your earbuds with good music (or a podcast) and get to work running the vacuum, sweeping the kitchen, or scrubbing the bathtub. Even though each of these activities don’t scream exercise, you’ll find your heart rate increasing. Maybe now is the time to stop thinking of cleaning as just cleaning and instead as exercise with added benefits. 

Wear a fitness watch 

Staying motivated to move throughout the day can be hard, especially when you get sucked into your work or feel like a couch potato. Find motivation by wearing a fitness watch or other fitness tracker! 

Most fitness watches can be programmed to remind you to get up and move around every hour, even prompting you to take a certain number of steps. This can definitely help you workout without really working out — turn your steps into a walk for bathroom break or your afternoon snack. Once you start building these “movement breaks” into your day they’ll become second nature. 

Head to the pool (or the beach) 

Is it summer yet? Spend a day in the sun at the pool or beach and spend some time in the water! While you may not be swimming laps, hanging out in the water is working out whether you’re enjoying ocean waves or having a casual afternoon in the pool. 

If you end up at the beach, you might also consider walking in the sand along the water. See stunning views and find pretty shells while using your leg muscles to make your way through the sand. 

Stay moving when you’re on the phone

Make a point to stay moving when you’re on the phone! Completing household tasks like loading/unloading the dishwasher, laundry, and general tidying up will put your body in motion while you keep in touch with friends and loved ones. You can even share your ZOZOFIT body-scanning results with them as you pace back and forth. 


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