Best Indoor Cardio Exercises to Try This Fall

Best Indoor Cardio Exercises to Try This Fall

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During the colder months, it’s important to have a fitness plan that works for your needs. Creating a plan for cardio workouts will help as you continue to improve your fitness while also adapting to any changes there might be in your lifestyle or day-to-day structure during this time of year.

This fall, start trying some indoor cardio exercises that can keep your blood pumping despite it being cold and dark. You can these activities as a supplement to your other fitness plans, like weight-lifting or a gentle yoga routine. 

Even when we welcome fall’s cooler temperatures, the change in season is a sign that our workout habits and routines might need to change, too. Instead of a morning workout, you might move your run to the afternoon to avoid the cold weather. If the weather is downright bad, it might be hard to do any cardio outdoors at all. In the colder months, it’s important to have a fitness plan that works for you, which means it helps you continue to improve your fitness while also fitting with any changes there might be in your lifestyle or day-to-day structure.

ZOZOFIT is here to help you determine which cardio exercises can be beneficial for you to try this fall season.

Cardio Exercise Helps Maintain Overall Fitness

When we do cardio exercise, we are getting our heart rate up and moving. Most fitness enthusiasts tailor their cardio workouts to hit specific heart rate zones. Utilizing heart rate zones can help anyone design better workouts tailored to their performance. 

By increasing our heart rate and sustaining exercise at a higher heart rate over a long period of time, we are able to maximize the calorie and fat-burning effects of exercise, while also improving our overall conditioning. Many runners train using heart rate zones to optimize their race performance. For example, they may stay in a lower heart rate zone over a long period of time when increasing their endurance, but work in higher heart rate zones for speed work. 

Indoor Cardio Exercises 

This fall, start trying some indoor cardio exercises that can keep your blood pumping despite it being cold and dark, or as a supplement to your weight-lifting or gentle yoga routine. 

Obvious answers to indoor cardio might sound like running on a treadmill, using an elliptical, or riding a stationary bike. While these are all great options, especially if you are training for something specific like a road race or long bike ride, there are also many indoor cardio exercises that do not require a gym membership or any large fitness equipment. 

Most of these workouts can be done with items you will have around your house, which makes them good, easy options. You may, however, benefit from a low-impact workout or yoga to protect your joints when on your hands and knees or to provide a bit more comfort and stability when sitting.


Burpees are an indoor cardio exercise that combine cardiovascular fitness with strength and core work. This exercise has a reputation for being incredibly difficult and tiring, but that’s because it truly is a full body workout. Burpees target a variety of muscles while improving cardiovascular fitness. 

Start standing, and then go into a squat. From the squatting position, place your hands on the floor directly below your shoulders. Then, jump your feet back, so you end in a blank position. Jump your feet forward so they land near where you began, and then reach your arms above your head and explode into a jump. Once you land, repeat the process over again. 

If you want a challenge, there are many variations of burpees that you could try, including adding a push-up when you are in the plank position or holding a medicine ball throughout the exercise, which improves strength as well as balance. 

High Knees and Butt Kicks 

High knees and butt kicks pair well because for both you can stay in place to get your heart pumping. The benefits of these workouts make them popular options for warm-up routines with athletes of all kinds, but you can incorporate them at any time during your indoor cardio exercise session this fall. 

Both exercises should be done at a fast pace, but don’t let your form suffer just to go fast. 

For high knees, work to bring your knee to your chest, alternating legs. Be sure to get your arms involved by raising the opposite arm and leg together for one rep. When you first start this exercise, go slowly so you can feel the rhythm. As you improve and are warmed up, you can move faster and experiment with moving forward. 

Butt kicks are similar, but instead of bringing your knee to your chest, your goal is to hit your butt with your foot. This motion stretches your quads while working your hamstrings. Just like with high knees, start slowly and increase your speed as you get warmed up and/or feel more comfortable with the exercise. When you feel ready, try adding forward motion. 


Step-ups are a great indoor cardio exercise because they don’t take much equipment and will also strengthen your glutes, hamstrings, and quads. 

To do this exercise you need a raised platform that you can step onto. If you have a workout bench, that is a good option, but you could also do this on your stairs or with a sturdy chair or box. When you are ready, step up onto the raised platform with one leg, raising yourself all the way up. Then lower your other leg back to the ground and repeat the exercise again. 

Doing 2 sets of 10 reps on each leg is a good way to start this exercise for beginners. 

Jump Rope or Jumping Jacks 

Jump rope is just for elementary kids at recess! It’s actually a great option for cardiovascular exercise indoors. All you need is a rope and some space to jump to get started. 

When jumping rope, be sure that you are moving the rope from your wrists, not your shoulders or elbows. This allows you to maintain an even rhythm and increase speed overtime. When you first start jumping rope, try 30-45 seconds at a time. As you improve your cardiovascular fitness, you will be able to jump rope for longer durations. 

If you live in a small space and are unable to jump rope, then jumping jacks are a good option. Be controlled in your movements, but increase speed to increase your heart rate. Don’t let yourself become wobbly. Your muscles should be in your control to perform every jumping jack with good form. 

Track Your Progress with ZOZOFIT This Fall 

One of the best motivators to keep you going this fall season is to see your progress over time. When you’re able to see how far you’ve come, it’s easier to want to keep going with your fitness journey. Using a fitness tracking app or other piece of fitness technology that can track your progress is the best way to get accurate results, as well as be able to analyze data from your workouts. 


When you’re wearing your ZOZOSUIT, the ZOZOFIT app can provide your body measurements through our 3D body scanning technology. You can use these measurements to see how you’ve physically changed over time, whether you want to gain muscle or decrease body fat. This will help you make even more informed decisions about the type of cardio you want to do throughout this fall and in the coming months. 

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