ZOZOFIT Year One: Our Community Finds Strength in Numbers

ZOZOFIT Year One: Our Community Finds Strength in Numbers

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Throughout our first year, ZOZOFIT has continued to be inspired by all the stories that our community members have shared with us about how our technology has impacted their fitness journeys these past 12 months. At ZOZOFIT, we like to celebrate everyone’s victories because fitness journeys are a personal experience for everyone, and no two people will achieve their goals or cross their respective finish lines the same way. 

As we celebrate our first year in the world of fitness technology, ZOZOFIT wants to take a moment to highlight some of our community’s successes and showcase the ways that the ZOZOFIT app has improved and even evolved how so many approach their health and wellness by using our metrics and features as their own personal guidance tools.

ZOZOFIT recently completed a survey amongst a number of its users and the results informed us of just how essential body fat percentage calculations are to so many members of our community. One participant, Katie Wildhagen, discussed how being able to track body fat percentage on the ZOZOFIT app has been helpful as they had survived sudden cardiac arrest at the age of 18 and have had to make many adjustments to how they approached their fitness overall. “Because I haven't had the ability to track my body fat percentage in a convenient and inexpensive way in the past because of my pacemaker and defibrillator, it has been so fun to be able to see that percentage drop.”

One community member, who goes by the initials R.B., had recently experienced several health incidents and had decided to refocus his energies on his wellness in a new way, which led him to using ZOZOFIT. 

“I recently had gastritis and functional dyspepsia which resulted in losing almost 25 pounds in less than 8 weeks,” R.B. explained. “[That] served as a great reset in my overall health journey as I was working on building a stronger & healthier foundation while trying to bounce back from burnout, hitting my peak weight in 2018, and some recurring bouts of reflux through COVID. But I fought my instinct to immediately jump back into the rat race and chose to invest in my health holistically and took the time to really learn what I would need to build a healthy and sustainable change program and lifestyle.” 

“A an analyst and data nerd, it really started to come together as I added more data focused tools, which eventually led me to ZOZOFIT,” R.B. added. 

YouTube Content Creator Andrew Coleman Smith with his ZOZOSUIT
YouTube sensation Andrew Coleman Smith. Photo courtesy of Andrew Coleman Smith.

For one member of the ZOZOFIT community, YouTube Content Creator Andrew Coleman Smith, their experiences with our technology encompass several years, as they had utilized the first iteration of the ZOZOSUIT back in 2018 that was designed for clothing consumers, and were thrilled to see the brand return last year, and refocus our technology on how it could make an impact on fitness enthusiasts instead. 

“I was like, why aren’t they using this for stuff other than the clothes? Because I just wanted the measurements, so that’s what my group was all using it for. And then it went away and we were devastated…So when I heard it was coming back, I was so excited. I’m on a weight loss journey and I think it’s one of the best ways to track it, honestly.” 

“Even culturally, I feel like people are moving away from the importance of a traditional scale and having something like this is more true to who you are,” Smith explained. “So I think ZOZOFIT is probably better for your mind because you’re not so focused on a number. You’re looking at everything together.” 

Professional golfer, Kaito Onishi, has found using the ZOZOFIT app to be an eye-opening experience and enjoys the fact that the app provides him with the ability to track changes to his body fat percentage alongside his measurements. 

“I think having the accessibility of being able to [take measurements] at your house, or at any given time…I think it makes it a lot easier,” Onishi said. “I never really measured my body before, so now knowing every part of my body and my size and all of that, it’s very helpful.”

“Because I’m always on the road, knowing the data before I travel, I could send it to my trainer, for example…I think that gives them an idea of, okay, which parts of my body are growing? Getting smaller?,” Onishi added.


Professional golfer Kaito Onishi reviews his measurements in his ZOZOSUIT
Professional golfer Kaito Onishi sees his results after scanning with the ZOZOFIT app.

ZOZOFIT has even made a huge impact on a number of fitness professionals as well. Rodney Lozier, Functional Strength Coach and CEO/Founder of LIVEFREELIVE WELL, credits our app with helping to level up his approach to working with his clients, and thinks that because it’s so straightforward, that makes the ZOZOFIT app an essential tool for anyone focused on their personal fitness. “I was surprised how easy the app makes it [to get measurements], how accurate it is, and how easy to follow it is. I love that the app has the little trailers at the beginning to really explain how the process works. I think it’s dummy proof.”

For Nancy Contreras, ACE CPT, one ZOZOFIT app feature that has proved to be an invaluable resource for her is our ColorMetric function that breaks down ZOZOFIT’s data by visualizing changes using a gradient color system to make it even more accessible for users. “I think what I like most about ColorMetric is that it's instantaneous as far as that after you scan your body, the color hits instantly. It's more rewarding for me to see instant results in a sense, instead of comparing and contrasting the numbers. Plus, it's a lot easier to read, too.”

According to Dustin Ripkens, NSDM-CPT, AFAA-CGFI, and Bellicon Mastertrainer, ColorMetric is something that allows him to break down body transformation in a way that everyone can understand, but also helps him recalculate whenever he needs to change how he targets certain goals with his clients. “As a personal trainer, I try to keep it as simple as possible for my clients. Now, with ColorMetric through ZOZOFIT, it helps me to show in one picture the transformation that already happened, and I can explain to them what we will target in the near future: what body parts, what the process will be, and what workouts we are going to do to make those further changes.”

Ricky Locci, SPT, CSCS, PN Level 2 Coach, found the ZOZOFIT app to be an appealing tool because it provided him with the tools he needed to be able to accurately track his progress and the progress of his clients without having to rely on the numbers from the scale, which doesn’t paint an accurate picture of health and wellness for those who are looking to fully track their progress. 

The ZOZOFIT app function that Locci relies heavily on is the body fat percentage calculator, which provides him with even more insights so that he can make more informed decisions for himself, and for those he works with, and Ricky praises ColorMetric as a meaningful tool to help keep people accountable and motivated while on their journey.

Staying encouraged and motivated throughout the entire process is probably the hardest thing for anyone to do. ZOZOFIT really helps,” said Locci.

That’s a sentiment that Katie Wildhagen agrees with. “The idea that I'm going to see that little body image on the app change is for whatever reason like the little magic thing that has unlocked my motivation. And I just think that comes back to the idea that I now have a way of actually seeing my progress, and that's been very motivating.”

While there are some similarities between what our different community members enjoy about the ZOZOFIT app, it’s also important to note that we recognize that every journey is personal, and we are always working hard to institute new features and enhance our existing technology so that we can continue to adapt to and support the needs of everyone, regardless of what their goals may be. 

At ZOZOFIT, we believe that health and wellness is about more than just numbers though – it’s about reclaiming power over your life and taking control of your personal growth so that you can enjoy your victories, however big or small. We recognize that the ZOZOFIT community is made up of unique individuals and as we celebrate our first anniversary, we are excited to celebrate their various milestones as much as we are thrilled to be celebrating ours.

After all, everyBODY has a story. What’s yours? 

Three women wearing ZOZOSUITs
At ZOZOFIT, everyBODY has a story.

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