ZOZOFIT Selected as One of Prevention's Best Workout Gifts for 2022

ZOZOFIT Selected as One of Prevention's Best Workout Gifts for 2022

Posted by Heather Wixson on

In just a few short months, ZOZOFIT has demonstrated how our app and the new version of the ZOZOSUIT are essential tools for fitness enthusiasts. Whether it's through our precision-accurate 3D body scans, body fat percentage tracking ability and other cutting-edge app features, the ZOZOSUIT (along with the accompanying free ZOZOFIT app) are must-have holiday gifts for fitness lovers this year. And apparently, Prevention agrees with us, too.

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An industry leader in providing their readers with trustworthy health and wellness information for over 70 years now, Prevention recently named ZOZOFIT as one of their top choices for Best Workout Gifts in 2022 alongside other top fitness-related brands including lululemon, Bodystance, Fit Simplify, and more.  Prevention highlighted our accuracy and how quickly users can see their scan results, which are two features that ZOZOFIT is extremely proud of, and we know our users enjoy as well.

Prevention Chooses ZOZOFIT as a Great Holiday Gift for 2022

With the holidays fast approaching, ZOZOFIT would make the perfect gift for anyone looking to take charge of their health this season, or even in the coming year. Be sure to buy your ZOZOSUIT soon to ensure that it arrives in time for the holidays!

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