Tips to Energize Your Workouts This Spring

Tips to Energize Your Workouts This Spring

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Spring brings longer, warmer days and renewed energy after a long winter. If January is the start of new resolutions and new goals for the new year, ZOZOFIT knows that spring’s energy often reignites those same goals and invites people of all fitness levels to jump back into their workouts. 

Whether you’ve been a regular practitioner of your fitness, are needing to jump back into your training plan, or have never laced up your sneakers and hit the pavement, these tips to energize your workouts this spring will provide welcome additions to your routine. 

As with any fitness advice, you first want to consider what you really need to improve. Reflect on your fitness up to this point and pinpoint struggle areas where you want to see improvement. 

Get Serious About Fuel 

What we eat has a huge impact on our fitness. When we eat foods that are good fuel, we are able to not just feel better in the day-to-day, but start to perform better, too. You don’t need to count calories or macros to improve your nutrition, either. 

Take stock of what you’re eating on a normal day. It helps to keep a list for a week or so with everything you and how you feel after you eat it, as well as how you felt during your workout. 

With this newfound information, work on incorporating new foods into your diet, like fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins. Additionally, also look into any nutrition that you might need during a workout — like gels, waffles, or gummies — that can give you the fuel you need to keep performing well. 

Stay Hydrated 

Staying hydrated is more than just drinking water. When we workout, we lose so much water through sweat — even if we don’t feel like we’re sweating. Always keep a bottle of water with you during your workouts and be sure to replenish with electrolytes throughout (and after) the workout. Drinks like Tailwind and Skratch are great options for mid-workout fuel and hydration. 

Also consider eating hydrating foods like watermelon, cucumber, strawberries, and celery to supplement liquid hydration. 

Work on Your Sleep Health

Lethargic in the mornings and throughout the day? Take an analytical look at your sleep health to energize your workout this spring. 

Are you a blue light addict? Put the phone away before bed and try reading, crosswords, or a different non-digital activity to end your day. You will also want to follow tried-and-true sleep health methods like only using your bed for sleeping and sex and having a consistent sleep schedule. 

Join a Training Group 

If you feel stuck in a rut with your workouts and need some variety, join a local training group! Most cities have both formal training groups and informal meetups where you can workout with others at a similar level to you and who have similar goals. 

Many of the formal training groups meet regularly throughout the week and are led by certified coaches who are able to tailor the workout to your individual fitness level. 

Whether you’re a runner, cyclist, or avid yogi, finding your people and adding this social component to your fitness can make a huge impact on your energy level! 

Set New Goals (and Revise Old Ones) 

Sometimes your goals could be the cause of your disappearing excitement toward your workout. If your goals were set too lofty, then your workouts might feel like a grind working toward something that seems unachievable. Maybe you originally were training for a half marathon, but think that you’re not ready for it. 

Whatever the reason is, adjust your goals to fit within your vision. When revising your goals (or setting new ones), remember that goals should be completely easy to achieve. You’ll want to set a goal that will make you work hard to complete it, but not so hard that it causes burnout. 

Treat Yourself to New Gear 

Getting something new might be what you need to energize your workout this spring. If you’ve been running in a pair of scratchy leggings or shorts that keep riding up, consider investing in some new gear. Are your shoes more than a year old? It’s time to hit the running store. 

Wearing comfortable clothing when working out can make a huge difference in your energy level during the workout because you’re less likely to be stressed about how something fits or chafing.  

Seek Out a New Trail (or Gym) 

A change of location can do wonders! If you run along the same route every day, make a point to travel somewhere — it doesn’t have to be far — to do your runs at least once a week. The change of scenery can get you out of the rut and make you excited to explore this new location. 

If you’ve been going to the same gym for a while and you’re not enjoying yourself or aren’t liking what you used to be your favorite fitness classes, there’s no harm in trying out other gyms or boutique studios. You might find a place closer to where you live or meet an instructor you really connect with. 

Focus on Recovery

If you don’t regularly rest and have recovery sessions, this might be the energizer you need for your workouts. While the idea of rest and recovery itself doesn’t scream energy, the results of these sessions have huge impacts on your physical and mental health. 

Incorporate rest days, be serious about stretching, and make appointments at recovery centers to give your muscles some extra love after a hard race or competition. 

You’ll begin to see the results of rest and recovery when your levels of fatigue during and after workouts begin to decrease. 

Start Fitness Tracking 

If you’re a data nerd, or just like seeing your progress, then start tracking your fitness with a fitness tracking up. These apps, like ZOZOFIT, give you the opportunity to set goals and see your progress overtime. There’s nothing more energizing than seeing those improvements on screen! 

ZOZOFIT now has a feature that lets you compare two body scans so you can visually see the changes you’ve made! 


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