Rainy Day Workout Ideas

Rainy Day Workout Ideas

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You wake up and it’s pouring, which means you can't head outside to exercise. Here's a look at some rainy day workout ideas that will keep you focused on your fitness when the outdoor weather is bad.

On rainy days, you’ll want to think about how to adapt your workout for an indoor session or consider some cross-training options. Staying active consistently is the best way to continue to make progress with your fitness journey.

You wake up and it’s pouring, so that 6-mile run you had planned probably won’t be happening. ZOZOFIT gets it.

Still, despite the bad weather, you want to be sure to get your workout in. 

When focusing on your fitness, missing just one planned exercise session can make a huge difference. Each time you workout you increase your endurance capacity, as well as build muscle and muscle memory

But, when it’s raining you may not be able to do your exercise of choice. On these days, you’ll want to think about how to adapt your workout for an indoor session or consider some cross-training options. Really, cross-training should be something you always consider since it helps improve your overall fitness while preventing injuries and strain that can come from overuse of certain muscles. 

So, get in the right mindset to change and adapt your exercise to fit what the day has given you. Then, you can use our rainy day workout ideas to keep you moving (and sweating) despite the rain and gray skies! 

Hit the gym for indoor cardio

Your cardio workout doesn’t need to wait until the rain lets up. Instead, take your workout to the gym and complete your workout on a treadmill or stationary bike. 

While you may not be excited at the idea of running on your treadmill, it is good to mix it up every once and a while, especially because running on a treadmill comes with many benefits, like being easier on the joints. Additionally, you can still do interval and incline workouts — all the while watching your favorite TV show! 

The exercise bike and elliptical are also great cardio options. While they both (like the treadmill) can get monotonous the best cure for boredom is to bring your headphones with you to listen to music, a podcast, or just tune into a movie to pass the time. 

Don’t have a gym membership? Many gyms offer day or trial passes and places like Planet Fitness have a fairly inexpensive membership fee and could be a great option. 


Yoga is the perfect rainy day workout activity because it’s incredibly accessible — and we all need to work on our flexibility and balance, as well as building lean muscle. 

You don’t need a yoga mat (or any props) to complete a yoga workout. Just pull out a beach towel or exercise mat, if you have one, and pull up a video on YouTube! There are so many free yoga workouts available online, making this a great at-home workout alternative. 

When choosing a workout, just be mindful of the type of yoga you’re choosing. Vinyasa (sometimes called flow) yoga will definitely get you sweating as you move through poses while connecting your body with breath. Yin yoga consists of long pose holds for myofascial release and gentle yoga is relaxing and restorative. 

Circuit Training

Don’t want to leave the house? Try doing a bodyweight circuit workout. Circuit workouts will get your blood pumping while building strength and endurance. Many circuit workouts are available online in the form of workout plans or via YouTube. 

If you have home weights, use them, but training bodyweight can be just as strenuous, especially if you often skip your strength days. 

Before you get started, be sure to find a good space where you can spread out and take up the space you need. If you have an exercise mat, put it down on the floor to support you and your joints as you exercise. 

Climb Stairs 

Climbing stairs is a great workout that builds both endurance and strength — and it’s easy to do. If you live in a two-story house, you already have everything you need! 

Treat each climb as a rep and work in sets of 5-15, depending on what you’re able to do. Also be sure to take careful steps on the way down the stairs. Going down the stairs — just like running or walking downhill — can be hard on your knees.

Not afraid of a little water? Parking garages are great places to train on stairs. Often there are 5-6 flights to climb up! If you do decide to go this route, choose a garage that you know isn’t super busy — or use a stairwell near the back of the garage where you’re less likely to encounter other pedestrians.


Dancing might not seem like exercise, but you’ll soon find out it is once you feel yourself breaking into a sweat! Since rainy days often can feel low energy (and sometimes downright depressing), dance can be an exhilarating way to put yourself in a new mindset. 

All you need to do is grab a speaker (or headphones/earbuds) and turn on the music! Not sure what to dance to? Music services like Spotify — and even YouTube — have playlists curated for dance whether your interest is Top 40 hits, country bops, or indie rock. 

If you’re not a dancer, dancing as exercise may feel weird at first, but just know that it’s normal to be a bit uncomfortable when you start dancing. As you continue, you’ll begin to feel more in tune with your body. Prefer something more regimented? Check out YouTube’s plethora of dance exercise videos to get yourself started. 

Hit the (indoor) pool 

Swimming is an excellent full-body workout that’s both low impact and a great way to cross-train for other cardio. If you don’t have your own indoor pool — and many of us don’t — look up to see if there are any nearby! Often larger cities might have an indoor pool set up for lap swimming. You can also try local gyms — especially sports clubs and family fitness centers — as well as the YMCA. 

Once you find a pool, choose a lane and start swimming! If you’re unfamiliar with lap swimming or think you need some extra assistance, you might be able to find swimming classes or water aerobics classes. 

Many pools will have these types of classes throughout the day that you can join for a heart-pumping, guided workout. Then, let the ZOZOFIT app help guide you even further on your fitness journey.

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