How To Stay Motivated To Work Out Long Term

How To Stay Motivated To Work Out Long Term

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Do you enjoy exercising but find it hard to stay committed to your fitness goals? Learn how to stay motivated to work out so you reach your goals. Discover tips that work for busy parents, professionals and college students.

Are you having trouble figuring out how to stay motivated to work out? Focus on the benefits. Staying active can help you live longer, so you get to spend more time with your kids. Working out helps you sleep and supports a happier mood. Those things are worth fighting for.

Do you enjoy exercising but find it hard to stay committed to your fitness goals? If so, you’re far from alone. According to a 2020 study, over half of adults in the U.S. struggle to do at least 150 minutes of physical activity a week. On the bright side, the data also means that almost half manage to stay active, so you can, too. The key to success is learning how to stay motivated to work out. ZOZOFIT is here to help you on your fitness journey.

How To Stay Motivated To Work Out: Make Physical Activity Part of Your Core Identity

Trying to force yourself to do things that don’t align with your personality rarely works out. This is a big reason why so many diet plans and New Year’s resolutions fail.

Instead, make exercise a part of your identity. Think about all the benefits you can receive:

  • Better heart health
  • Improved immune system
  • Stronger muscles and bones
  • Happier outlook and mood
  • Lower risks of diseases

Make exercise who you are deep down, not just something you do. Talk about early morning or evening jogs on social media like they’re the most natural thing for you to do.

Focus on Building Good Exercise Habits ASAP

Even the most dedicated athlete has to deal with days where the motivation just isn’t there. Physical and mental tiredness are a normal part of being human, especially if you’ve had a stressful week.

On those days, having a good routine can save you. It’s like a pickup truck breaking through a snowbank in winter. If the truck already has a lot of momentum built up, getting through obstacles is much easier.

Learning how to stay motivated to work out means training your brain to follow a positive routine. In other words, it’s more important to exercise every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday rather than working out so hard that you can barely move for a week.

Identify Your Personal Challenges and Plan Around Them

Every exercise challenge has a solution. The main thing is identifying why you’re struggling and then taking action.

Here are some common obstacles and possible solutions:

  • You’re just not a morning person: Make time for an evening workout a few times a week.
  • You have a demanding work schedule: Do 120 minutes of exercise over the weekend.
  • Your kids make it hard to plan specific times for anything: Grab a 10-minute workout session every day, right before your bath.
  • You don’t like it when people watch you working out: Skip the gym and use a fitness app at home instead.
  • You feel too exhausted after work: Wake up 30 minutes early two days a week.

Make exercise adapt smoothly to your routine instead of forcing it in roughly.

Do 10 Minutes, Then Negotiate

Many fitness pros explaining how to stay motivated to work out recommend doing at least 10 minutes of exercise when you’re not feeling motivated. After that, if you still don’t feel it, go ahead and take a nap — your body needs to recharge.

You may discover that those 10 minutes actually get your exercise juices flowing. You may end up finding motivation to work out without feeling forced at all.

Create an Awesome Exercise Environment

If you had the goal of drinking six glasses of water a day, how would you support your efforts? Probably by leaving water bottles around the house and setting phone alerts. Similarly, you can boost your motivation to work out by making personal spaces conducive to exercise:

  • Leave your workout clothes hanging on your closet door the night before
  • Set an alarm on your smartphone
  • Get an elliptical trainer, free weights or resistance bands
  • Create a home workout space with your gear
  • Have a stereo with high-energy tunes ready to go

Look for ways to make exercise natural for yourself. There’s no reason to smash against barriers needlessly.

Stop With the “Start Monday” Mentality

Monday is one of the most common starting points for exercise goals. It’s also one of the worst days if you’re trying to figure out how to stay motivated to work out. Why choose the day when you have the most things to do?

Instead, view each workout as a one-and-done thing. If you have time today, seize the opportunity for a 10-minute workout right now. When you see how amazing you feel, you’ll have more motivation to do it tomorrow or next week, too.

Choose Activities You Enjoy

Avoiding making exercise a duty or chore. You may have to push a bit at first, but overall, workouts should be something you look forward to.

Planks, lunges and pushups aren't great if you hate them. If you're struggling with how to find motivation to work out, include physical activities that you like.

Sign up for dance classes. Go for a jog in the park. Swim at your local college pool. Hike in nature for an hour. Play high-intensity basketball with friends.

Go to a Gym or Buddy Up

Gym memberships cost money, but they're worth it to stay motivated — for certain people. Being around other exercise enthusiasts can help your attitude. The large variety of equipment also makes it easier to target specific muscle groups and try new things.

Figuring out how to stay motivated to work out is easier with an exercise partner. Friends and family members are great for giving you a kick in the behind when you need it. Plus, knowing that someone else is counting on you helps you shake off your doubts and get down to business.

Celebrate Your Gains

One of the most important ways to stay motivated is by recognizing your progress. Some people do this by putting a checkmark next to every successful workout session. For others, success means completing a certain number of reps.

Be careful with weight-loss goals, because you can’t always control how quickly your body responds to fat-burning efforts. It’s better to set goals related to body measurements, overall fitness and muscle growth.

How To Stay Motivated To Work Out With ZOZOFIT

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