Trainer Recommendations for Scanning Best Practices

Trainer Recommendations for Scanning Best Practices

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Similar to weighing yourself, when you scan using the ZOZOSUIT with the ZOZOFIT app can also have a direct impact on your results. With that in mind, we spoke with Los Angeles trainer Stephanie Daratony about some of the best practices you can implement when scanning in order to maximize your chances for the best results using ZOZOFIT's 3D body measurement system.

Measure Every 3-4 Weeks in the Morning: It can take some time for true change to take shape and for these changes to be reflected in your ZOZOFIT scans. So, Daratony recommends scanning every three to four weeks, ideally in the morning when you hold less water and/or stress hormones from the day. 

Also, because the body fluctuates in weight and shape according to sleep, stress, water retention and hormonal patterns, results may vary from week-to-week. So, focus on the overall trend, as consistency is key to a healthier you.

Scan on a Day Where You Are Feeling Motivated: Daratony says it is best to measure on the day of the week when you feel most motivated and on track with your goals. So, if you decide to indulge over the weekend, measure yourself on either Wednesday or Thursday morning after a few days of balanced nutrition and exercise.

Do Not Measure the Day After Eating Out: Because restaurant sodium content is typically much higher than home cooking, wait a few days before you scan yourself using the ZOZOFIT system. 

Stay Hydrated: Because 60 percent of our bodies are made up of water, one of the best ways to maintain your overall health is by drinking plenty of water. But, staying hydrated is also another key factor to ensuring that you get the best results while scanning with ZOZOFIT. So, be sure to keep your water high as you approach measuring yourself in order to flush out sodium and any water retention as well.

Now that you understand the best approaches to utilize when you are scanning with ZOZOFIT, now is the time to try out our ZOZOSUIT for yourself and see how our technology can help guide your health and wellness for long into the future.


For more on information on Stephanie Daratony, visit Daratony Fitness. 

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