Why Aren't My Triceps Growing? 5 Exercises To Try

Why Aren't My Triceps Growing? 5 Exercises To Try

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Many exercise enthusiasts ask, "Why aren't my triceps growing?" Discover common obstacles, practical exercises and tips for triceps growth.

Both your biceps and triceps are amazing. They combine power and precision, helping with home remodeling one day and cooking the next. Exercising biceps is easy, but triceps are tricky. If you ask, "Why aren't my triceps growing?" you're not alone. The right exercises are key.

Your biceps may look great in front of the camera, but it’s your triceps that let you swing, throw or push things. Strong triceps are just as important as bulky biceps, so it's normal for fitness enthusiasts to ask, “Why aren’t my triceps growing?” ZOZOFIT is here to help.

Why Aren't My Triceps Growing?

Many gym-goers have trouble with developing their triceps because of common mistakes.

Too Many Curls

When it comes to upper-body exercises, dumbbell curls or EZ bar curls are probably the first things that come to mind. Curls are excellent for building strength and bulk for your biceps, but they don’t help your triceps.

Not Enough Love

The triceps have three muscle heads. To get balanced arm growth, you need to spend at least 33% more time on them. If you have an hour for arm day, you would dedicate 35 minutes to triceps versus 25 for biceps.

Not Enough Burn

The triceps are one of those muscle groups that like to be stubborn. They require sweat, consistency and high-intensity exercise. It’s not one of those workouts where you can turn on your tunes and put your brain on cruise control. You have to reach your limits and push.


When someone asks, “Why aren’t my triceps growing?” one of the most common reasons is that the person is leaving triceps exercises for last. It’s hard to push your triceps if your arms are already exhausted from tons of bicep curls. To see gains, you need to give your tris your complete attention.

What Exercises Are Good for My Triceps?

There is a variety of workouts you can do for your triceps. Gym exercise equipment is a plus, but there are options with at-home dumbbells, EZ bars and bodyweight exercises, too.

1. Bench Press With Close Grip

Any pushing exercises engage your triceps, and bench presses take the cake. You can get results with a normal grip, but placing your hands closer together makes your tris work.

2. Triceps Dips

This exercise involves lifting your body weight using only the power of your arms. It has a similar effect on your tris that squats have on your calves.

3. Overhead Extensions

This is one of the most reliable options for hitting the long head of your triceps. Sit down, stretch your arms toward the sky and enjoy the benefits! Use a dumbbell to increase the difficulty and give your muscles a good workout.

4. Press-Downs (Cable or Resistance Band)

This exercise is quick, simple and versatile for men and women. With a cable machine, you can adjust your weights to continue challenging yourself.

5. Close-Grip Pushups

Any type of pushup can exercise triceps and chest muscles, but to sweat, place your hands closer together. They don’t need to touch, just keep them directly below your shoulders.

With all triceps exercises, build up weight slowly and safely. Aim for 3-4 sets of 12-15 reps each.

Why Aren’t My Triceps Growing After All This?

There’s one more thing you need to consider. When people ask, “Why aren’t my triceps growing?” we usually encourage you to being measuring your muscles. Strong triceps aren’t as noticeable as those “big guns” in front, so you may be surprised to discover they actually have grown!

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