Use ZOZOFIT Like a Pro - An Interview with Kaito Onishi

Use ZOZOFIT Like a Pro - An Interview with Kaito Onishi

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When you’re a professional athlete, it’s important to have tools and tech that will help you improve and refine your skills. Kaito Onishi, a professional golfer sponsored by ZOZO, knows the importance of a tool like ZOZOFIT to benefit his performance and overall fitness. 

Onishi, who moved to the United States when he was 9, started playing golf for fun. In college, he played for the University of Southern California Trojans before becoming a professional golfer. After graduating from college, he went to Japan to compete as a golfer. For him, traveling and getting to play on golf courses all over is important to his training. 

“I think learning my tendencies…in a different environment…overall helps my performance improve a lot,” he said. Onishi has also played in South America. 

Since becoming a pro, focusing on overall fitness and health is even more important — as is dedicating himself to the game of golf. 

At the time of the interview, Onishi was preparing for the Korn Ferry Tour. Coming off of time playing in Japan, starting this tour was a huge step. Since golf courses in Japan and the US are so different, it can be hard for athletes to compare their skill and ability between the two places. 

“The Korn Ferry tour is very important to me because [I grew up] in the US, and playing that specific golf course will tell me if I’ve improved.”

Kaito Onishi Poses with His Golf Club

Fitness as a Professional  Golfer

To be at his best, Onishi is on a strict  training schedule that works all parts of  his body so he can be in top shape —  and it’s important to note that training  has always been part of Onishi’s routine  to improve his game. When he was 12,  he started going to a training gym. While  at USC, he had strength and  conditioning sessions three times a  week. 

His workouts are focused on building  strength, flexibility, and mobility, as well  as injury prevention. 

“If I have three hours, I would spend the  first hour just stretching and then  another 45 minutes of activating glutes and other muscles using the mini bands and that sort of equipment. The last hour would be dumbbells and strength training.” 

While it may not seem like it to the average onlooker, golf is actually incredibly physical and requires a lot of strength and flexibility. Not focusing on these things in his fitness routine could lead to injury.

“A lot of golfers hurt their backs,” he said. “So I think one thing [to focus on] would be the lower body, like calves and thighs. Make sure all those parts are loose. Also, at the same time, you need enough muscles to swing the golf club at a very fast speed. We go on the range for a couple hours a day sometimes.

Onishi also follows a daily stretching routine to stay loose, which is very important since golfers spend a lot of time traveling. This can cause muscles to tighten up, so stretching is also part of Onishi’s pre-round routine. 

Kaito Onishi in the ZOZOSUIT

Kaito Onishi prepares to scan in his ZOZOSUIT.

Kaito Onishi reviews his results on the ZOZOFIT app

Kaito Onishi Reviews His 3D Body Scan Data in the ZOZOFIT app.

Use ZOZOFIT Like a Pro

ZOZOFIT uses 3D body scanning technology to provide body measurements and body fat percentage to its users. To get measurements, users put on a specially designed suit that will help your phone’s camera create a 3D mesh of your body. 

“After trying [ZOZOFIT] out, it was definitely an eye-opening experience. I didn’t know that you could do that with your phone.” 

This tool is invaluable to professional athletes like Onishi because it provides information to guide their fitness. 

“I think having the accessibility of being able to [take measurements] at your house, or at any given time…I think it makes it a lot easier,” Onishi said. “I never really measured my body before, so now knowing every part of my body and my size and all of that, it’s very helpful.” 

Unlike traditional scales, ZOZOFIT can provide a fuller picture of someone’s fitness. Muscles weigh more than fat, so you can be slimmer without having even lost weight! For pro athletes like Onishi, the benefits of ZOZOFIT are countless. 

“Because I’m always on the road, knowing the data before I travel, I could send it to my trainer, for example…I think that gives them an idea of, okay, which parts of my body are growing? Getting smaller?” 

Trainers, athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and those new to fitness, can all use the data to see the changes in their body and make note of areas they want to work on. If muscle mass in the thighs is shrinking, it might be time to focus on leg day. 

Onishi also uses ZOZOFIT to get a better perspective on injuries. By putting on the suit following an injury, it’s easier for Onishi to see the changes in his body that could, for example, be from swelling. 

Kaito Onishi

What’s next for Kaito Onishi? 

“My goal is to be the number one golfer in the world and I want to play full time on the PGA TOUR and ultimately win one of the majors. A green jacket — that’s my goal.” 

Since Onishi is still early in his career, he has plenty of time — and opportunity — to make it to the “big stage” in golf. He is also always looking for ways to better his technique and improve his fitness. For him, this means practicing, training, stretching, and taking inspiration from golf legends. 

It also means having a good mindset and competitive spirit to guide him through his golf tours. 

“I don’t want to lose to anyone, so if I have a bad day, then I grind after the round to make sure I figure something out.” 

This kind of dedication is important for any athlete, because it shows commitment to improving. No matter what happens, though, Onishi wants to be remembered for his tenacity. 

“I want to be pictured as someone who never gave up, who people can always say, ‘Okay, this guy’s never going to give up until you hold out.’ Regardless of if I’m not playing well or playing good, I just want to never give up. I think everyone around me, my coaches, my sponsor, everyone at least deserves my best.”

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