Should You Pair Leg Day With Cardio?

Should You Pair Leg Day With Cardio?

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When planning your weekly workout schedule, combine leg day with cardio to lose weight more quickly, get in shape faster, and enjoy a speedy recovery.

Is leg day coming up on your workout schedule but you would rather do cardio? The bad news is you can't skip legs without consequences. The good news is that there are safe ways to do both, with several benefits of combining the two. Check out tips on how to get it done.

Not everyone can handle more than one workout in a day, but there are several benefits of combining them. It has to be done correctly and there are some things you need to know beforehand, but there's no reason you shouldn't be able to pair leg day with cardio for a successful outcome.

ZOZOFIT takes a look at how to mash up these different fitness techniques below.

How Do You Combine Leg Day With Cardio?

How you complete double workouts is up to you, your schedule, and your energy level. There are several layouts you can use to get in a leg workout and a cardio session in one day for a well-rounded workout:

  • Moderate Leg/Moderate Cardio - This combination is for those looking to build strength and maintain weight. Begin with your typical leg day routine, but with fewer reps, fewer sets, or lesser weight. Follow up with a moderate cardio workout such as swimming or biking.
  • Moderate Leg/Intense Cardio - This would be a good combination for someone who is focusing on weight loss. Again, begin with your leg workout, doing fewer reps than normal. Follow up with an intense cardio workout such as running or dancing.
  • Intense Leg/Moderate Cardio - This is a combination fit for someone who wants to build muscle mass. Begin with an intense leg workout with your full reps, sets, and weights. Follow up with a moderate cardio workout such as jogging.

When pairing leg day with cardio, you don't have to do one right after the other. You might have more energy if you do legs in the morning and cardio in the evening, or you could have a stronger cardio workout if you do it in the morning and save legs for the evening. If you're doing moderate exercise for both, it might work just fine to do both in the morning or both in the evening.

What Are the Benefits of Doing Cardio on Leg Day?

Instead of doing cardio for leg day as a replacement, there are several benefits from pairing them:

  • You'll burn more fat. As you complete weight training for your legs, you will build muscle mass, which burns fat. Cardio burns the calories before they can turn into fat deposits. With synergy, the two workouts help you lose weight more quickly.
  • You'll get in shape faster. When you do both cardio and legs on the same day, neither will be as intense as when you do them on separate days. This means you don't have to take a rest day in between. On cardio day, complete a moderate leg workout. On leg day, complete a moderate cardio workout. You always get the benefits of both.
  • You'll recover more efficiently. Cardio helps the blood flow through your body. With that increased oxygen pumping to your leg muscles, they will build and recover more easily.

How Do You Get Started Pairing Leg Day With Cardio?

If you're ready to improve your health and step up your fitness game, it might be time to start pairing leg day with cardio. You can also use the ZOZOSUIT and the ZOZOFIT app to help you track your fitness goals, workout progress, and more when you commit to scanning yourself and tracking changes to your shape over time. 

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