Biohacking for Beginners: How To Get Started and Devices That Can Help

Biohacking for Beginners: How To Get Started and Devices That Can Help

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Biohacking for beginners can help you optimize your energy levels and overall vitality. Learn how to do biohacking and use biohacking devices such as ZOZOFIT.

The best introduction to biohacking for beginners involves using biohacking devices, such as the ZOZOFIT 3D body measurement system. Find out how to do biohacking to increase energy, promote vitality and take a data-driven approach to achieving your fitness and wellness goals.

Biohacking is an experimental approach to optimizing your body and mind informed by science and technology. One of the best ways to start biohacking for beginners is to use biohacking devices. Data generated by wellness technology can help you make more informed decisions about your diet, exercise and recovery routines.

Let ZOZOFIT break down all you need to know about biohacking, starting with using devices to obtain accurate information about your body.

Biohacking for Beginners

The term "biohacking" dates back to the 1980s, when computer programmers would experiment with altering their surroundings and approaches to work to achieve higher levels of productivity. The term rose to popularity again in the early 2000s after being used by Dave Asprey, the founder of the Bulletproof brand and Upgrade Labs.

Asprey defines biohacking as the "process of using science, biology and self-experimentation to take control of and upgrade your body, mind and life." By making changes to the environment in which you live, your body and your mind, you may be able to better control some aspects of your own biology.

The term biohacking combines the prefix "bio," from the ancient Greek root word meaning life, with the more recent term "hacking." This word dates back to the 1960s, when technical specialists increased the efficiency of machine code by removing excess instructions. Over time, this term has come to describe people who use technological skills to gain access to systems.

How To Do Biohacking

Biohacking is a method for gaining more access and control over your own physical system and mental state. Many people are interested in the concept of do-it-yourself biology but are less sure about how to actually do biohacking. As it turns out, you probably already use biohacking techniques in your everyday life.

If you drink coffee, tea or other caffeinated or energizing beverages in the morning or during the day when you feel an energy slump, you are already doing basic biohacking. Caffeine is a nootropic, or a substance that increases alertness. Studies also suggest that caffeine activates neurotransmitters to enhance short-term memory and knowledge retention.

Other biohacking methods have also become mainstream practices. From taking supplements to limiting screen time before bed for more restful sleep, many incremental lifestyle changes are examples of biohacking for beginners. These simple methods are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to personal optimization.

The Best Way To Start Biohacking

In recent years, biohacking has become associated with wearable monitoring devices. Smartwatches equipped with sensors for tracking your activities and vital signs and advanced body measurement systems are useful wellness technology for biohacking.

Activity trackers and monitors can provide real-time readings and log readings over time. The ZOZOFIT app also provides immediate measurement data and charts trends based on past measurements. The ability to compare readings across time can provide quantitative proof of the results of lifestyle changes.

The easiest way to start biohacking is to invest in systems that generate accurate and meaningful data for analysis and experimentation. Whether you adopt new devices or change how you use the tools you already have, technology can play a key part in biohacking for beginners.

Gear Up With Biohacking Devices

Get started on your biohacking journey by researching the most useful devices. One of the best preliminary goals involves obtaining accurate data. Determining the effects of lifestyle changes is much harder without meaningful metrics.

Wearable monitoring devices and measurement systems can help you see the relation between your activity levels and changes in your body. Many smart devices can also be set up to keep track of other data, such as the food and beverages you consume or sleep quality.

When you are experimenting with biohacking for beginners, you can also try using other types of wellness technology. For instance, specialized bedside lights that promote natural waking can be a better way to start your day than a noisy alarm.

Pursue Data-Driven Wellness

No matter which biohacking devices you choose to experiment with making part of your daily routine, the point of using measuring and monitoring systems is to obtain quality data. Checking current readings can be encouraging, but just a quick glance at metrics is not sufficient for most biohacking experiments.

Many systems have data logging functions and applications that provide analytics based on past data. The ZOZOFIT app for taking body measurements visualizes changes and tracks your progress toward custom measurement and body composition goals.

While many new biohackers rely on multiple separate systems, advanced practitioners seek out ways to integrate data and obtain even more useful insights. Siloed data is sufficient for biohacking for beginners, but comparing data across platforms can be even more helpful in your ongoing quest to be your best.

Set Goals and Meet Objectives

No matter which platforms or devices you use, it is important to set goals and make plans to meet them. One of the main tips for how to do biohacking involves setting incremental goals. While you might have ambitious long-term goals, smaller objectives can help you stay motivated over weeks, months and years.

It is worthwhile to note that only having access to limited information can actually undermine your resolve. For example, the body weight of the average adult fluctuates as much as five to six pounds per day. If you only use weigh-ins to track your progress in biohacking for beginners, you may not detect the results of your lifestyle changes on a daily or weekly basis.

Taking scheduled measurements with a system that is accurate to 0.15 inches can provide a clearer sense of the effects of your lifestyle on your body. 

Going Beyond Biohacking for Beginners

Biohacking devices can generate useful data. Gaining access to accurate information about your body is vital to start biohacking for beginners. Once you have data to work from, you can set meaningful fitness and wellness goals and use data to assess the effectiveness of your current routine and any changes you make.

For the most effective way to track the physical results of biohacking, take 3D body measurements with the ZOZOFIT app today.

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