Benefits of Having a Workout Partner

Benefits of Having a Workout Partner

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One of the best ways to ensure that you stay accountable while working out is to find a workout partner to be there with you, every step of the way. Here's a look at the benefits of having a workout partner and advice on how to be the best workout partner, too.

5 Reasons to Find a Workout Partner:

  • Increased Motivation
  • Enhanced Safety
  • Accountability to Fitness Goals
  • Increased Exercise Consistency
  • Long Term Support

Embarking on a fitness journey can feel isolating, but it doesn’t have to be. Whether you are just getting started with daily movement or are interested in taking your weight-lifting to the next level, you can benefit from having a workout partner. This person will soon become a dear friend as you work together toward your fitness goals and support each other as you work towards achieving new milestones.

5 Reasons to Find a Workout Partner 

There are many reasons to find a workout partner, but these five are the best reasons to seek out that like-minded person to meet up with regularly for your fitness activities! 

Increased Motivation 

Having someone else hold you accountable is one of the most effective motivators in a fitness journey. Now, choosing to skip a workout means you’re not just doing a disservice to yourself, but to someone else, too. 

Not only will you “show up” more, you might also find yourself more motivated during the workout itself. Maybe the time might pass more quickly because you can chat with your partner or you find that you want to push yourself more since your workout partner is pushing themselves. The healthy competition that forms between workout partners is also helpful. While you aren’t necessarily “competing,” the desire to best your partner may make you want to work harder. 

Enhanced Safety

Exercising with a partner will also benefit your safety. In activities like weight lifting, having someone there with you is incredibly important. Your “spotter” is the person that ensures you keep correct form and do not injure yourself while working out. 

Similarly, having a running (or walking) partner, especially when exercising outside, means that in the event of an emergency or injury, you have someone who can help you and advocate for you. 

Your workout partner being there for you in exercise environments may also give you the confidence to try something difficult because you’ll know that they have your back no matter what happens. 

Accountability to Fitness Goals

Your workout partner can also keep you accountable to your workout goals. Consider sharing your goals with your workout partner so they can help you track your progress. 

Some ZOZOFIT users send their monthly scans to a workout partner to keep them accountable for tracking their progress. You might also share progress on your running and weight-lifting goals with your workout partner. Even the simple act of sending them updates about your progress can be enough to keep you headed toward your goal.

A good workout partner will also remind you to celebrate your improvements and successes! Reaching a goal is a big deal, and this person should be one of the first to share the joy of achievement with you. 

Increased Exercise Consistency 

Just like with motivation, having a workout partner can increase your workout consistency. By planning gym sessions, walks, or yoga classes to go to together, you are setting a specific schedule for your fitness journey. 

One of the hardest things for people new to their fitness journey is staying consistent with their workouts. It’s easy for life to get in the way, to skip because of bad weather, or whatever else might being going on in your life. Having a workout partner means prioritizing your fitness and your workout partner’s fitness and goals. 

Additionally, having a workout partner may also help you diversify your workout routine. Maybe once a week you try a new workout class together or try a new running workout.

Long Term Support 

Choosing a good workout partner is important because, ideally, this person should be there for you in the thick and thin. Their long-term support and friendship will be paramount to your success in your fitness journey. Knowing that you have someone by your side at all times will make you want to take the next steps to better your fitness no matter what your goal is. 

Choosing a Workout Partner

First and foremost, your workout partner should be someone that understands your fitness goals and motivations. Ideally, they would also be interested in the same kind of activity as you because one of the best things about a fitness partner is having someone to exercise with on a regular basis. 

This person could be a partner, friend, neighbor, or just that person who always seems to show up at the same 5:00 AM workout class as you. Get to know them and ask if they’d be interested in forming a more intentional partnership in pursuit of your shared fitness goals. 

It’s also helpful if your workout partner is at a similar stage in their fitness journey as you. This dynamic will strengthen your partnership and allow more momentum in working toward your goals. 

Set Expectations 

Remember to set expectations for your relationship with your workout partner. It’s important that they know your fitness priorities and what kind of feedback, help, and support you will want. If you are just starting an exercise journey and not wanting to pursue weight loss at this time, that’s an important thing for your workout partner to know. 

The Role of a Workout Partner 

There is a distinct difference between a workout partner and a trainer or coach. Trainer and coaches are often more skilled or experts in an area, whereas your partner will likely be at the same level as you. 

Your workout partner is a reliable person who is there to support and encourage you on your fitness journey — and you should be the same to them. In a way, this relationship is truly a “partnership” as you work together to achieve both individual and collective goals. 

ZOZOFIT: Your Partner for Fitness Progress

Just like you need a workout partner, you also need a tool you can use to reliably track your fitness progress. ZOZOFIT uses 3D body scanning technology to provide users with accurate body measurements and body fat percentage. These metrics, which are more accurate than the traditional scale, can help you see how your workout routine has impacted your overall health and assist you as you continue to make decisions about your fitness plans and more.

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