What To Wear To the Gym for Different Types of Workouts

What To Wear To the Gym for Different Types of Workouts

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Proper workout attire makes a big difference in your level of comfort and safety in the gym. You may also find that your choice of workout wear affects your ability to complete certain activities. When you consider what to wear to the gym for your day’s workout routine, there are several factors to consider. Let ZOZOFIT help you decide what will work best for you. 

General Factors To Consider When Choosing What To Wear to the Gym

Choosing the right workout clothes means thinking about the core properties of the attire. Selecting workout wear is different than choosing casual clothes. You need fabric that encourages airflow to keep bacteria at bay. Moisture-wicking properties help keep sweat away, so look for materials such as nylon for a combination of breathability and moisture-wicking. Your workout wear should also allow for flexible, easy movement. Opt for clothes that fit well. Anything too loose poses a safety hazard and clothes that are too tight restrict your movement.

Additionally, a proper fit reduces the risk of chafing, skin rashes and discomfort when working out. Performance fabrics offer an added level of breathability and flexibility, typically consisting of a spandex and polyester blend or high-percentage spandex.

The Effect of Different Workouts On What To Wear to the Gym

With the basics in mind, it’s time to start thinking about specifics. Tailoring your gym wear to the workout you have planned makes it easier to ensure comfort and mobility.

Cardio Day

Cardio exercises include activities such as running, aerobic workouts and cycling. These activities get your heart rate up and also increase your body temperature. That’s why you want to choose workout wear specifically designed to wick away moisture. A supportive sports bra helps reduce discomfort during cardio workouts, as well. Choose shorts or leggings made from breathable material that fit snugly to minimize the risk of accidents, particularly when cycling. Finally, choose a pair of sneakers with sufficient cushion and shock absorption to hold up to the demands of your workout.

Strength Training Sets

If you are planning a day of strength training, the last thing you want to worry about is your clothes. Choose an outfit that lets you move freely without restrictions. Strength training is all about engaging your muscles, so those muscles need their full range of motion. Fitted tops and flexible leggings or shorts make ideal choices for strength training workouts. Finish your gear with cross-training or similar shoes for stability.

Low-Impact Workouts

You might wonder what to wear to the gym when you’re planning a low-impact workout day. Exercises such as yoga and Pilates provide an opportunity to focus on mindful breathing, core strength and flexibility. Incorporating these things into your workout plan can help you improve your range of motion, tone your core and even reduce stress and anxiety. Successful workout days for yoga and Pilates focus on precise, fluid movement, so your clothing choices should be comfortable and worry-free. Opt for stretchy, breathable clothing that allows you to move easily. Form-fitting workout gear will stay in place best while you’re holding and moving through poses and stretching.

High-Intensity Interval Training

Also referred to as HIIT, high-intensity interval training is a dynamic, fast-paced workout regimen that is as demanding on your workout gear as it is on your body. Choose workout wear that holds up to the demands of your intense workout regimen with flexible, moisture-wicking fabrics that move with you. Compression wear is popular for HIIT days, as well. Opt for comfortable, supportive footwear with stability that responds well to rapidly changing movements.

Functional Training

Functional training includes workouts such as CrossFit and similar plans. The basis of these workouts is diverse movement. When choosing what to wear to the gym on functional training days, look for workout gear that adapts. Focus on supportive, form-fitting tops that stay in place. Wear shorts or leggings made from flexible, breathable fabric and add cross-trainers for grip, stability and comfort. Breathability and support matter with functional training workouts, so make sure your gear can stand up to those demands.

Not all athletic wear is equal. Be sure to choose clothing that will accommodate the type of workout that you're doing, including wearing proper shoes to give you the support you need.

Additional Tips for Choosing Your Workout Gear

While you consider your workout-specific needs, don’t underestimate the importance of layers for those cooler weather days. You may also want them to help regulate your body temperature during the warm-up and cool-down phases of your workout. An extra layer or two gives you the option to wear it if needed or keep it in your locker if you don’t. Consider adding sweat-wicking bands for your forehead as well as wristbands and athletic socks designed for breathability. These things are beneficial for overall comfort while you’re working out because they keep sweat out of your eyes and your feet blister-free, as well as keep your shoes odor-free.

The Benefits of Proper Workout Gear Maintenance

No matter what you wear to the gym, you need to keep it clean to prevent odors, bacteria buildup and fabric deterioration. Don’t leave your gym bag in the car for a week before you deal with those clothes. Bring them in and wash them as soon as possible to prolong their usable lifespan. Add a mixture of vinegar and baking soda to the laundry when you wash your gear to help keep odors at bay. You can even find laundry disinfectant products that help kill any bacteria in your gear to keep them smelling fresh and safe to wear.

The Value in Choosing What To Wear to the Gym

The clothes you wear to the gym can directly affect not only the success and safety of your workout but also the way that you feel. Before you choose what to wear to the gym, make sure you try your workout gear at home first. This ensures that it fits comfortably and stays put even when you go through your workout. Trying your gear ahead of time can save you from potentially uncomfortable situations in the gym. For more support and information for your fitness goals, check out ZOZOFIT to see how our 3D body measurement system and ZOZOSUIT can help you meet your goals and track your progress.

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