What Is the Easiest Muscle To Build When You Start Working Out?

What Is the Easiest Muscle To Build When You Start Working Out?

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What is the easiest muscle to build? There are several that are easier than others, and setting achievable fitness goals may involve targeting them first.

Believe it or not, some muscles are easier to build up than others. If you are getting started with your fitness regimen, you may want to prioritize these muscles so that seeing results quickly will motivate you to set more challenging goals and continue with your regimen.

ZOZOFIT knows that one key to success in fitness is to set small, achievable goals for yourself at first to build your confidence. For example, if your objective is to increase strength, you may track your progress by measuring your muscle mass. However, some muscles are harder to develop than others. It makes sense to ask, "What is the easiest muscle to build?" because you can then target those options first.

What Are the Easiest Muscles To Build?

Generally speaking, your body's largest muscle groups, such as those in your back, chest, and legs, are likely to respond most quickly to strength training. Increased strength and mass come from forcing the muscles to work, and it is easiest for you to overload these muscle groups with heavy weights.

Here are three specific examples of muscles considered the easiest to build.

1. Biceps and Triceps

The biceps and triceps are the main muscles in your upper arm, with the triceps being the arm's largest muscle. These muscles are fairly easy to work using exercises such as dumbbell curls and chin-ups for the biceps and push-ups or bench presses for the triceps.

2. Latissimus Dorsi

If you want to achieve the coveted V-shaped torso, you should work on building your latissimus dorsi muscles, located in your mid- to lower back. Pull-ups, rowing exercises, and lat pull-downs are examples of compound back exercises that target the latissimus dorsi. If you perform resistance training on a regular basis, these muscles may surprise you with their responsivity.

3. Quadriceps

The quadriceps is the large muscle in the front of your thigh. Most lower body exercises involving pushing activate the quadriceps, but you can also target them with specific exercises, such as box jumps, lunges, and squats. The leg press machine also focuses on the quadriceps.

What Are the Hardest Muscles To Build? 

From the easiest muscles to build to the hardest: You may not want to start with the following three muscle groups because you may get discouraged if you don't see much change in these areas quickly.

1. Calves and Forearms

You probably already have a good amount of strength in these muscles already because you use them in so many of your daily activities. It is also hard to find exercises to do that isolate these muscles. Nevertheless, they still have some role to play in exercises that involve the entire leg or arm.

2. Abdominal Muscles

Any heavy workout involves the abdominal muscles to some extent. Bicycle crunches, sit-ups, and planking are all exercises that target the abs, but make sure your form is correct, or you won't see much improvement.

3. Hamstrings

Your hamstrings are the large muscles in the back of your thighs. People often focus on other muscles to the exclusion of the hamstrings when exercising. Working the hamstrings is also difficult for people who have issues with mobility.

ZOZOFIT Helps You Track Your Progress as You Build Muscle

So, what is the easiest muscle to build? There are several that are more or less equally easy. Once you decide which muscle groups to work on first, ZOZOFIT can help you track your progress with precision. Learn more about the benefits of using our cutting-edge 3D body measurement technology to track your progress with our ZOZOFIT app

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