Finding a Healthy Alternative to Soda That Works for You

Finding a Healthy Alternative to Soda That Works for You

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Drinking a lot of regular or diet soda is not ideal for a healthy lifestyle. Regular soda contains large amounts of added sugar and calories, while diet soda may increase people's gut size and craving for sweets. Fortunately, appealing choices abound when it comes to finding a healthy alternative to soda. ZOZOFIT knows that it can take time to try them and find a few that work well for you, but it's worth sticking with these efforts.

6 Top Options for a Healthy Alternative to Soda

To get you started, here are six popular soda alternatives for weight loss, fat loss, or muscle gain. You may not like a drink the first time or two you try it, but don’t give up on it right away. Have fun experimenting!

1. Flavored Water

Plain water works fine as a beverage for many people, but if you find yourself needing more “oomph,” go with flavored water. The healthiest route is to use natural flavorings such as tossing slices of oranges, lemons, or cucumbers into a glass or pitcher of water. Approach premade flavored water with caution because many have artificial sugar or sweetener added.

2. Green Tea

Green tea does not have calories as long as you skip the milk and sugar. It's high in antioxidants, and many people use it to lose weight, enhance their mental acuity, and help with headaches and digestion. Studies on green tea do not yet point to definitive conclusions as to its benefits, but the possibilities make it worth a try.

3. Coffee

Coffee is another healthy alternative to soda, especially if you need caffeine. Drink it unsweetened and in moderation. Black or with nonfat, low-fat, or almond or soy milk are the healthiest coffee choices.

4. Milk

Reach for nonfat milk instead of soda if you can. If you are lactose-intolerant, alternatives to dairy milk include soy, rice, and oat milk. Soy is the most similar nutritionally to dairy and comes in flavors such as vanilla and almond. To cut calories, choose soy milk that is unsweetened and low-fat.

5. Vegetable Juice

It's satisfying to put your favorite vegetables into a juicer and watch the machine do its thing. For more sweetness, add a few fruit slices. Juicing your vegetables lets you reap many of the health benefits of eating vegetables, but strive for veggies with low sodium.

6. Jeltzer

Mix one part juice with three parts seltzer water, and you have jeltzer. Make sure the juice has no added sugar. Many people like grape and pomegranate juice, so you could start with these.

Drink your jeltzers in moderation, though. The sugar and calories can add up quickly. The best option, if possible, is to eat whole fruits such as apples or grapes instead of drinking them juiced.

Try a Healthy Alternative to Soda Today

As you try out a healthy alternative to soda (or several healthy substitutes!), you can track your weight loss progress using ZOZOFIT. Our 3D body scans eliminate guesswork, and you can set goals, share achievements, and stay accountable. Buy the suit and app today.

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