Exploring ZOZOFIT's 3D Measurement Technology

Exploring ZOZOFIT's 3D Measurement Technology

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It’s finally here! We are thrilled to announce the launch of ZOZO’s state-of-the-art ZOZOFIT 3D measurement system in the U.S. ZOZOFIT revolutionizes and democratizes 3D measuring for anyone wanting to track their fitness, weight loss and/or body transformation progress with unparalleled accuracy and ease. This enterprise-grade measurement system includes the ZOZOSUIT and accompanying ZOZOFIT app, which work together to give you the ultimate, portable 3D body scanning solution. 

So, how exactly do the ZOZOSUIT and ZOZOFIT app work?

For some, the ZOZOSUIT name may sound familiar, as the first generation of the ZOZOSUIT launched in 2018. Before it was retired in 2019, its technology captured 360-degree photographs via users' smartphone cameras to construct a highly detailed image of the human form. 

It was this original ZOZOSUIT that helped inspire the improvements for the scanning technology that now powers ZOZOFIT. The newest, much-improved edition of the ZOZOSUIT features an array of advancements that position it at the forefront of tech-based fitness. An upgrade to the suit's design and accompanying algorithm improvements have resulted in better scan resolution and accuracy. 


Previously, the original version of the ZOZOSUIT featured 2mm fiducial markers, which helped construct the scanning data, but the updated suit features 6mm fiducial markers that cover the entire surface of the ZOZOSUIT top and bottom. These 6mm markers make for a major turning point in ZOZO’s ongoing commitment to exploring 3D scanning technology, as they are better recognized by smartphone cameras, resulting in higher resolution scans through the newly launched ZOZOFIT app as a result. 

Another advancement includes a 50-times increase of the aforementioned fiducial markers, as the original ZOZOSUIT featured about 400 markers and the newly improved suit is comprised of an average 15,000 markers (depending on the suit's size). These markers help the ZOZOFIT app perfectly triangulate the user’s unique shape to provide them with seven key body measurements, including the shoulders, chest, upper arms, waist, hips, thighs and calves.

This increase in fiducial markers also helps improve ZOZOFIT's capabilities, so that the app can capture extremely detailed information of the human body, creating a highly-detailed 3D scan that captures the user’s body curvature for the first time. This means ZOZOFIT customers can gain even greater insights into their body measurements and shape than ever before.

ZOZO has always been a company driven to innovate and create solutions that enrich the lives of its customers. The ZOZOFIT 3D measurement system is a true game changer in the realm of fitness and health tracking, allowing those who want to better track their health and fitness more insights into how their bodies are transforming in both size and shape.

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