3D Measurements, Made Easy! Effortlessly measure your body in less than three minutes.

Through our innovative 3D scanning technology, ZOZOFIT provides you with unparalleled access to valuable data and tools. 


Before our app, you would have to visit high-priced facilities to receive 3D body scans. But with ZOZOFIT, it’s like having your own scanning technology right in the palm of your hand.

  • 15,000 fiducial markers on the ZOZOSUIT capture your precise 3D body shape with laser-focused precision.
  • Delivers measurable results with an average of only 0.15 inches* discrepancy.
  • ZOZOFIT mobility allows you to scan from anywhere, delivering instant insights into what’s happening with your body.
*when tested with a professional laser scanner, and tape measurement conducted by a professional.


ZOZOFIT takes the guesswork out of tracking your body measurements.

  • Cutting-edge technology tracks composition changes for 11 key locations on your body + body fat percentage.
  • Visualizes your entire body shape in a full 360-degree view.
  • Historical graphs will help you record your progress over time.