What is the ZOZOSUIT made of? How do I care for my suit?

The ZOZOSUIT is made out of polyester and polyurethane. Because it is made of fabric and contains no electronic components within the suit, you can care for yourself. The ZOZOSUIT is designed to be worn for the scanning process but we do not recommend wearing your ZOZOSUIT while you work out or during other fitness activities. That can lead to fading of the pattern on the ZOZOSUIT, which can decrease accuracy during the scanning process.

ZOZOSUIT Care Instructions: Machine wash cold; gentle cycle. Line dry in the shade. We recommend washing your ZOZOSUIT in a mesh bag to avoid the effects of any whitening detergent. 

Please do not iron, dry clean, or use bleach on your ZOZOSUIT.

NOTE: Extensive washing of your ZOZOSUIT may affect the clarity of the circular markers on the suit which can diminish the accuracy of the measurements. Please only wash when necessary.

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