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ZOZOFIT is an app that creates a 3D rendering of your body using body measurement technology developed by ZOZO, Inc. Once you are wearing the ZOZOSUIT, the ZOZOFIT app can capture your precise body shape, including measurements and overall body fat percentage.

The ZOZOSUIT is our uniquely designed suit that pairs with our exclusive ZOZOFIT app to precisely measure your body in 3D while using your smartphone. The suit is covered in a proprietary pattern of more than 15,000 fiducial markers that are used to capture your precise body shape.

Our ZOZOSUIT has been designed with a great deal of flexibility in mind so that we can accommodate an array of body shapes and sizes. Each ZOZOSUIT size covers a range of 60-80 pounds so that it can adapt to any potential changes to your body composition over time. 

For customers that size out of their ZOZOSUIT within the first year of your original purchase date, ZOZOFIT will exchange your ZOZOSUIT free of charge. 

To process your ZOZOSUIT exchange, please reach out to our customer support team at

ZOZOFIT is not a subscription-based product. The ZOZOSUIT costs $98 for a one-time purchase and use of the ZOZOFIT app itself is free. There are no subscription or monthly costs associated with using the ZOZOFIT app or any of its features. 

We recommend that each ZOZOFIT app user should use their own suit for the scanning process. The ZOZOSUIT fits to the contours of each users’ body uniquely which helps ensure that the scanning process is accurate. Because no two bodies are exactly alike, sharing suits can result in inaccurate measurement data.

Access to the ZOZOFIT app is currently only available within the United States. To be notified when we become available in your country, please email us at

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