Shape Your Future

"I see ZOZOFIT helping people to not focus on the scale and to focus on measurements. When you focus on the measurements, the scale will go down."

Jennifer Armstrong
Schwinn Certified Cycle instructor
Los Angeles, CA

"Even if the number on the scale doesn't change, I can see measurable progress with ZOZOFIT that represents fat loss and/or muscle gain. Even though I've only been using it a short time, the ZOZOFIT suit is an essential part of my fitness routine."

Matt E.
Goal Getter
Columbus, OH

"ZOZOFIT is a game changer in measurement tracking. The suit is easy to wear and you can get a 3D body scan in the time it takes to do a 360 turn. Track your changes over time and see exactly where your strong points and areas of opportunities are."

Rodney Lozier
Certified Functional Strength Coach, NASM Certified Sports Performance Coach, Certified Personal Fitness Trainer, Level 1 Weightlifting Coach
Los Angeles, CA