Measurments &  How to Scan

To calculate body fat percentage (BFP), ZOZOFIT uses the U.S. Navy methodology, which mainly uses your neck and waist measurements (and for female measurements, it also includes hip measurements), to make an estimation of the percentage. Unlike other methods, like DXA scans or smart scales, ZOZOFIT does not rely on X-rays or electric current sent through your body. Smartscales can furthermore be manipulated by your hydration levels or by small amounts of sweat. The beauty of ZOZOFIT’s approach to BFP is the stability and specificity that comes from the accuracy of our measurement methods, which have been tested over and over again, with only a margin of error of 0.4cm.

Few customers have informed us that their BFP looks different from other devices they may have used in the past, and we are continuing to investigate our methodology as we constantly work to improve our app's algorithms. Nevertheless, we highly recommend our users to utilize ZOZOFIT’s BFP metrics as a tool to monitor patterns and trends over time.

The ZOZOFIT app captures images from different angles and constructs a precise 3D model of your body. It extracts key measurements with an accuracy similar to a laser scanner and can achieve this level of accuracy repeatedly, which eliminates the potential for human error while measuring. 

The accuracy of the ZOZOFIT app scans have a margin of error of 0.4cm, depending on the location of the measurement on your body.

Before you put on the ZOZOSUIT for the first time, please make sure to watch the ZOZOFIT tutorial video in its entirety, as that will be extremely helpful for you throughout the process. Here are some other tips to help make sure your scanning experience is successful:

  • Make sure to scan in a location that is well-lit and has ample lighting throughout the room so that the app can read your entire body. If it’s too dark, the app may not be able to read your ZOZOSUIT correctly. Also, please make sure that you are not standing in front of a mirror while scanning, as that can interfere with the ZOZOFIT app technology.
  • If you have longer hair, please make sure to tie it up before scanning so that it doesn’t interfere with the scanning area of the suit.
  • After you put on your ZOZOSUIT, please make sure that both the top and the bottom pieces are completely smooth against your body, and that your seams are in the appropriate places (not twisted) as that will help ensure your scan will be accurate.
  • While standing for the scanning process, please position yourself so that your feet are several feet apart and hold your arms a few inches away from the rest of your body so that your suit can be read by your device.

In terms of measurements needed for making clothing and/or other apparel, the ZOZOFIT app does not provide inseam or limb length measurements, so most likely our data won’t be able to help you fully. For those who only need circumference measurements, the ZOZOFIT app does provide those calculations.

Users should scan every 2-4 weeks. We recommend you try to scan at the same time for every scan for the most consistent results. Time of day, as well as posture and lighting, can all slightly affect measurements and body fat percentage results, so be sure to be as consistent as possible.

We strongly recommend that you maintain a relaxed posture during the scan, as consistent flexing throughout the process may be challenging. However, if you wish to obtain flexed measurements, you have the option to do so. Please note that for accurate comparisons between scans, it is advisable not to mix flexed and relaxed postures

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